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Aiyedatiwa declares 3-day mourning period for late Akeredolu, flags to fly half-mast



Aiyedatiwa declares 3-day mourning period for late Akeredolu, flags to fly half-mast

In a sombre declaration, Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa of Ondo State has announced a profound period of mourning for the late Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, former governor of Ondo State, who passed away in the early hours of Wednesday. The three-day mourning, accompanied by fasting and prayer, is set to commence on Thursday, December 28, and extends through Saturday, December 30, 2023. The announcement was conveyed in a statement released by Ebenezer Adeniyan, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, reflecting the collective grief that has befallen the state.


The mourning period: Reflection and tribute


Governor Aiyedatiwa’s decision to declare three days of mourning underscores the profound impact of Akeredolu’s passing on the people of Ondo State. This period is not merely a formal observance; it is a collective reflection on the legacy and contributions of the departed leader. The inclusion of fasting and prayer adds a spiritual dimension, symbolising a shared moment of introspection and tribute to the late governor.


Flags at half-mast: A symbolic gesture of grief


In a visual testament to the mourning state of Ondo, Governor Aiyedatiwa has ordered that all national flags be flown at half-mast for seven days. This symbolic gesture resonates with the solemn mood that has enveloped the state, paying respects to the memory of a leader who has left an indelible mark on Ondo’s political landscape.


Suspension of state ceremonies: A pause in governance


Acknowledging the weight of the moment, Governor Aiyedatiwa has also suspended all state government ceremonies during the mourning period. This decision reflects a recognition that, in times of grief, the focus should be on collective remembrance and honouring the departed rather than on official festivities. It is a gesture of solidarity with the mourning citizens and a step towards creating a space for contemplation and reflection.


Condolence registers: Communal expression of grief


As a means of fostering a communal expression of grief and support, condolence registers have been opened at key locations. The Governor’s Office and the Government House in Akure, along with the State Liaison Offices in Lagos and Abuja, serve as spaces where citizens can record their condolences and share their memories of the late leader. This collective act of recording condolences becomes a tangible representation of the widespread sorrow that has enveloped the state.


A final farewell: “May the soul of our late leader rest in perfect peace


Governor Aiyedatiwa concluded the statement with a solemn wish for the eternal rest of the departed leader’s soul. The phrase “May the soul of our late leader rest in perfect peace, amen” serves as a poignant acknowledgment of the finality of Akeredolu’s journey and a prayer for serenity in the face of loss.


A leader remembered: Legacy beyond mourning


As Ondo State enters a period of mourning, the legacy of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu looms large. Beyond the formal observance of grief, the collective challenge is to celebrate and carry forward the values and contributions that defined the late governor’s tenure. In the midst of sorrow, there is an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned from his leadership and to channel those lessons into a future that honours his memory.


A state unites in mourning


In Governor Aiyedatiwa’s declaration of mourning, Ondo State stands united in grief. The symbolic gestures, from flags at half-mast to the suspension of ceremonies, reflect a community in mourning. The coming days will be a time for introspection, remembrance, and a collective determination to honour the legacy of a leader who played a significant role in shaping the destiny of Ondo State.

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