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Plateau massacre: Senator Natasha demands urgent action, declares ‘one tragedy too many’ as death toll soars



Plateau massacre: Senator Natasha demands urgent action, declares 'one tragedy too many' as death toll soars

In the wake of the horrifying massacre in Plateau State, Senator Akpoti-Uduaghan Natasha, representing Kogi Central senatorial district under the PDP banner, has issued a fervent call for immediate action, denouncing the bloodshed as “one tragedy too many.” The senator, deeply affected by the recent surge in violence and killings, conveyed her sorrow and concerns in a statement released on Tuesday in Lokoja by her Media Aide, Orogbonlo Israel.


As the nation grapples with the shockwaves of the Christmas Eve attacks, the Plateau Police Command confirmed a devastating toll of 96 lives lost, with 221 houses set ablaze. However, the gravity of the situation continued to unfold as the state Governor, Caleb Mutfwang, revealed on television that the death toll had surged to over 115 in the coordinated attacks on Plateau.


The call for swift justice and preventive measures


Senator Natasha minced no words in condemning the senseless and wanton killings, emphasizing that the magnitude of this tragedy demands decisive action from both the federal government and security operatives. In her impassioned plea, she called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the heinous acts, demanding justice for the innocent lives ruthlessly cut short.


“I know this is a difficult moment to celebrate Christmas, knowing that people are being killed for no just cause,” Senator Natasha expressed, capturing the prevailing mood of anguish and despair. “The federal government must rise to the occasion and put measures in place to mitigate a recurrence of such a dastardly act.”


A plea for sympathy and solidarity


In addition to her call for justice, Senator Natasha extended heartfelt sympathy to the victims, the government, and the people of Plateau, acknowledging the irreparable loss of precious lives and the extensive destruction of properties. Her words echoed the collective grief felt by the nation, underscoring the urgent need for a united front against the forces that threaten the peace and security of communities.


Unveiling the grim reality: Rising death toll and coordinated attacks


The discrepancy in the reported death toll, with official figures initially standing at 96 and later surpassing 115, highlights the scale of the tragedy and the challenges faced by authorities in providing accurate information. The coordinated nature of the attacks on Christmas Eve adds a chilling layer to the unfolding narrative, raising questions about the motives behind such orchestrated violence.


The historical context: Plateau’s troubled past


Plateau State, often referred to as the “Home of Peace and Tourism,” has unfortunately been marred by a history of ethno-religious conflicts and communal tensions. The recurrence of violence in this region emphasizes the need for comprehensive measures to address the root causes and prevent further bloodshed.


Government’s response: Assessing accountability and future strategies


As Senator Natasha demands accountability and preventive measures, the role of the federal government and security operatives comes under scrutiny. The effectiveness of existing strategies and the urgency of reevaluating and reinforcing security protocols become paramount in preventing the recurrence of such tragic events.


A Nation in mourning, A Senator’s call to action


In the face of a nation in mourning, Senator Natasha’s impassioned plea for justice and preventive action stands as a clarion call. The Plateau massacre serves as a stark reminder that the safety and security of citizens remain a paramount concern that demands collective efforts and unwavering commitment from all stakeholders. As the nation grapples with grief, the call for accountability and proactive measures rings loud, urging a united front against the forces that threaten the fabric of peace and unity in Nigeria.

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