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Nigerian Actor Kunle Remi’s surprise announcement: ‘No missing his Popeye arms’ – A candid glimpse into his private wedding and enchanting love story with Tiwi



Nigerian Actor Kunle Remi's surprise announcement: 'No missing his Popeye arms' - A candid glimpse into his private wedding and enchanting love story with Tiwi

In a delightful turn of events, renowned Nigerian actor Kunle Remi took to Instagram on New Year’s Eve to reveal a well-kept secret—he’s a married man. The Aníkúlápó star shared the joyous news with his followers through a series of captivating images featuring him and his newly unveiled wife, Tiwi, based in the United States. Accompanying the post was a succinct caption that simply stated, “Locked in,” leaving fans and the media buzzing with curiosity.


The couple, who exchanged vows in a private ceremony held between August and November 2023, chose a more intimate setting to celebrate their union. According to reports, they crafted their own vows, emphasizing the importance of laughter in their marriage—an endearing detail that speaks to the genuine and lighthearted nature of their connection.


In a recent interview, Kunle Remi opened up about the fateful encounter that led him to Tiwi, shedding light on what initially drew him to his now-wife. He revealed, “Her confidence caught my attention. She is vibrant and the type who turns heads when entering a room – you can’t not notice her. She’s a supermodel. Not only did her big smile catch my eye immediately, but the way she threw her head back when she laughed captivated me.”


Tiwi, in turn, shared her perspective on their first meeting, describing Kunle Remi as “witty, reserved, and self-assured.” She couldn’t help but acknowledge the actor’s physical attributes, playfully mentioning his unmistakable “Popeye arms” and infectious smile. On a lighter note, she added, “his tight trousers and jewelry caught my attention. Hehe. I now know he owns more jewelry than me.”


Beyond the physical, Tiwi expressed admiration for Kunle Remi’s compassionate nature, describing his heart as “gigantic.” She marveled at his ability to genuinely love and understand people, highlighting his humility as an attractive trait. Tiwi shared, “He has a gigantic heart! I don’t know how it fits into his body! He also has a genuine love for everyone and sees people where they are; he’s humble, which is a very attractive trait to me.”


Adding a touch of humor to their love story, Tiwi praised Kunle Remi’s storytelling skills, especially during bedtime recaps of their day. “While he is recapping any event – he can have me on the floor belly laughing with the many voices and animations he uses to tell stories…even in the most mundane moments of a day he is sharing, he brings out the color,” she remarked.


The actress also found joy in watching Kunle Remi unwind after a long day, appreciating the entertaining rituals of him getting ready and tucking himself into bed. “I also love seeing him get ready and tuck himself into bed after a long day – many inside jokes with this one. I know it’s two entirely different activities, but both are incredibly entertaining and enjoyable to watch,” Tiwi shared, offering a glimpse into the everyday moments that contribute to the uniqueness of their relationship.


As the public celebrates this unexpected revelation from Kunle Remi, the couple’s candid insights into their private life provide a heartwarming narrative of love, laughter, and genuine connection. With his “Popeye arms” becoming a focal point of affectionate attention, the actor’s unexpected New Year’s Eve announcement has undoubtedly left fans eager for more details about the couple’s journey together.

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