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Ondo State Governor Aiyedatiwa pledges enhanced value and dignity for civil service in 2024



Ondo State Governor Aiyedatiwa pledges enhanced value and dignity for civil service in 2024

In a commitment to uplift the civil service and secure a promising future for Ondo State, Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa has reassured workers of improved value and dignity. The governor made these remarks during a prayer service held at the state secretariat complex in Akure, emphasizing the repositioning of the civil service for accountability and increased investment opportunities.


Governor Aiyedatiwa’s vision for a prosperous 2024


Governor Aiyedatiwa expressed his determination to enhance the value and dignity of the civil service, setting the stage for a prosperous 2024. The governor’s vision extends beyond political and religious affiliations, focusing on a better tomorrow that all residents of Ondo State can take pride in. During his address, he underscored the importance of a judicious implementation of the 2024 budget to address economic challenges and bring relief to the people.


Clear commitment to workers’ welfare


Acknowledging the crucial role of the civil service in driving developmental programs and policies, Governor Aiyedatiwa commended workers for their dedication. He assured them of prompt payment of salaries, timely promotions, settlement of outstanding arrears, continuous training, provision of necessary tools, and the creation of a conducive work environment. The governor further pledged to clear the remaining fraction of outstanding salary arrears, demonstrating a clear commitment to workers’ welfare.


Collaboration between bureaucracy and political authorities


Governor Aiyedatiwa emphasized the essential collaboration between the bureaucracy and political authorities to overcome hurdles and achieve developmental goals. Recognizing the potential for success when both entities work in harmony, he highlighted the importance of a functional and efficient bureaucracy in driving the state’s agenda.


Head of Service commits to civil servants’ welfare


The Head of Service, Kayode Ogundele, expressed gratitude for the support of union leaders towards the Renewed Hope agenda of the government. He assured civil servants that their welfare would be a top priority in 2024, aligning with Governor Aiyedatiwa’s commitment to enhancing the civil service.


Spiritual guidance and exhortation


Bishop Felix Adejumo, the founder of the Agape Christian Ministries International, delivered words of exhortation, emphasizing the responsibility of leadership. He urged workers to pray for Governor Aiyedatiwa’s success in governance, emphasizing the importance of serving with a genuine intention to reposition the state for growth and development.


Labor leaders’ call for govt action


National Vice Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress, Sunday Adeleye, appealed to both the Federal and State governments to reconsider their approach to mitigating the effects of subsidy in 2024. He emphasized the urgent need for the implementation of the new minimum wage and a firm commitment to the welfare of workers and all Nigerians. The state NLC Chairman, Victor Amoko, echoed these sentiments, urging the government to promptly settle the remaining arrears of salaries owed to civil servants.


Path forward for Ondo State


Governor Aiyedatiwa’s commitment to enhancing the civil service and addressing workers’ welfare needs reflects a strategic focus on governance that prioritizes development, collaboration, and accountability. As Ondo State embarks on the journey through 2024, the collaborative efforts of the government, civil servants, and labor leaders will play a pivotal role in achieving the envisioned prosperity and growth for the state.

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