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Lawmakers dodge questions amidst controversy over Tinubu’s rice palliative distribution



Lawmakers dodge questions amidst controversy over Tinubu's rice palliative distribution

Revelations unveiled by Rep. Dekeri Anamero spark speculation and public outcry


In a surprising turn of events, some members of the House of Representatives have chosen to remain tight-lipped amid growing controversy surrounding the distribution of President Bola Tinubu’s rice palliative. The hushed atmosphere follows the revelation by Representative Dekeri Anamero (APC-Edo), who disclosed in a viral video that each member was gifted two trailer loads of rice by Tinubu for distribution to their respective constituents.


Representing the Etsako Federal Constituency of Edo State, Anamero claimed that the rice was intended to be shared across the board with their various constituencies. However, the ensuing silence from several lawmakers has fueled speculation and public outcry.


Lawmakers evasive as distribution details remain murky


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that attempts to seek comments from lawmakers have been met with reluctance. Some, when contacted by telephone, declined to provide insights into the matter. An anonymous lawmaker, citing the sensitive nature of the issue, disclosed that he had received a 25-kg bag of rice on December 22, 2023, and distributed it on Christmas Eve. Expressing discontent, he revealed that not all lawmakers received the commodity, causing tension among their ranks.


When asked for his perspective, Rep. Abubakar Fulata (APC-Jigawa) directed inquiries to the House spokesperson, deflecting any direct response. Meanwhile, Rep. Akin Rotimi, Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Publicity, shed light on the procurement process, asserting that it was at different stages depending on the constituency.


Procurement process under scrutiny, Ministry takes center stage

Rotimi clarified that the procurement and distribution of the palliatives were under the purview of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. Dismissing claims of individual lawmaker control, he emphasized that the entire process was managed by the ministry. Rotimi explained that the timing of distribution was not within the control of any member and varied based on the constituency. He urged patience from the public, assuring that no constituency would be left behind.


Public outcry intensifies as Nigerians demand transparency


As the controversy unfolds, Nigerians are increasingly demanding transparency from their representatives. Some have taken to social media to call out lawmakers, urging them to disclose details about the rice palliative given by Tinubu. The lack of a unified response from the legislators has intensified suspicions and fueled public concern regarding the equitable distribution of the relief packages.


A call for accountability amidst a veil of secrecy


The controversy surrounding the distribution of President Bola Tinubu’s rice palliative has thrust lawmakers into the spotlight, with many choosing silence over transparency. As the public demands accountability and clarity, the evasive responses from some representatives only deepen the intrigue. The underlying question remains: How will the lawmakers navigate this storm of public scrutiny and restore confidence in the distribution of relief meant for the citizens they serve? Only time will tell as the mystery surrounding Tinubu’s rice palliative distribution continues to unfold.

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