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Kano judiciary triumphs: Resolves 71,914 cases amidst challenges in 2022/2023 legal year



Kano judiciary triumphs: Resolves 71,914 cases amidst challenges in 2022/2023 legal year

In a resolute display of judicial prowess, the Kano State Judiciary has successfully resolved a staggering 71,914 cases out of the 102,234 filed during the 2022/2023 Legal Year, marking a significant milestone in the administration of justice. Chief Judge Justice Dije Abdu-Aboki unveiled this accomplishment during the commencement ceremony for the 2023/2024 legal year in Kano.


Abdu-Aboki shed light on the current state of the judiciary, revealing that 30,320 cases, spanning criminal and civil matters from the State High Court, Magistrates’, and Shari’a Court, still await resolution. Of the total cases received, 29,108 were criminal, with an impressive 23,009 successfully disposed of.


Highlighting the success of the appeal section of the High Court, which efficiently processed 90% of documents and records, Abdu-Aboki stressed the importance of reviewing legal practices to enhance the speedy dispensation of justice. She acknowledged challenges arising from the relocation of courts to dilapidated facilities and expressed gratitude to Governor Abba Kabir-Yusuf for approving the completion of abandoned courts along Zaria and Zungeru Road in Kano metropolis.


Governor Yusuf, affirming his commitment to collaborate with the judiciary for effective administration of justice, praised the Chief Judge, Grand Khadi, and judicial officers for their unwavering dedication. He emphasized the state’s allegiance to the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.


“The governor assured that his administration would do everything possible to assert the independence of the judiciary in the state,” the report stated. Governor Yusuf urged the nine newly appointed judges in the state to uphold fairness and justice in their roles.


“Do not let your emotions override the interest of the people of Kano,” Kabir-Yusuf emphasized, underscoring the vital role of impartiality in the pursuit of justice. As the legal community in Kano embarks on the new legal year, the successful resolution of cases stands as a testament to the judiciary’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all.

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