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Eagle Square hosts Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration



Eagle Square hosts Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration

President Tinubu leads nation in solemn tribute at National Arcade, Abuja


In a remarkable display of unity and reverence, the National Arcade at Eagle Square, Abuja, has become the epicenter of preparations for the climactic culmination of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration (AFRDC). President Bola Tinubu, alongside a distinguished assembly of high-profile personalities and members of the diplomatic corps, is poised to lead the nation in a solemn ceremony paying homage to Nigeria’s fallen heroes.

AFRDC reveres those who gave their all


Organized annually by the Ministry of Defence, the AFRDC is a poignant and symbolic tribute dedicated to the memory of Nigeria’s fallen heroes. These brave souls sacrificed everything during the First and Second World Wars, the Nigerian Civil War, peace support operations across the globe, and various internal security missions. The event serves as a solemn reminder of their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation.

Distinguished gathering: President Tinubu and top military officials



The National Arcade is witness to the presence of the country’s highest-ranking military officials, led by the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Christopher Musa. The gathering includes all service chiefs and heads of other security agencies, presenting a united front as they come together to honor the gallant men and women who have served the nation with valor.


A week-long celebration: Leading up to the grand finale


The AFRDC is not merely a one-day affair; it is a week-long celebration, building up to the grand finale. The National Mosque hosted the Jumma’at prayer on January 12, setting the spiritual tone for the commemoration. An Interdenominational Christian service on January 14 added a diverse and inclusive aspect to the week’s events.


Sporting spirit: Golf tournament and paintball combat competition


Adding a dynamic dimension to the celebration, the AFRDC featured sporting activities, including a golf tournament and paintball combat competition. Organized by the Defence Headquarters, these events brought together participants from various backgrounds, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship in the spirit of the occasion.


The grand finale: Wreath-laying ceremony and symbolic gestures



The climactic moment of the AFRDC at Eagle Square involves a wreath-laying ceremony, a deeply symbolic act signifying respect and remembrance for the fallen heroes. The event will also witness the firing of three volleys, a time-honored tradition honoring fallen heroes on the battlefield.


Global Tradition: AFRDC reverberates worldwide


The AFRDC is not unique to Nigeria; it is part of a global tradition where nations acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices made by their citizens in the pursuit of peace. January 15 is set aside annually in Nigeria to honor the fallen heroes, recognizing their contributions during wars, peace missions, and internal security operations.


Beyond tribute: Supporting veterans and their families


While the AFRDC pays homage to the fallen, it also serves a crucial role in supporting living veterans and the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The event serves as a platform for soliciting financial, moral, and material support, acknowledging the ongoing responsibility to care for those who served the nation.

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