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AMVCA 2024 revolution: From popular vote to expert jury – A radical shift in African Entertainment honors



AMVCA 2024 revolution: From popular vote to expert jury - A radical shift in African Entertainment honors

In a groundbreaking move that signifies a paradigm shift in the landscape of African entertainment awards, the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) has announced a departure from public voting for Best Actor or Best Actress in Leading or Supporting Roles categories. The decision, revealed by Busola Tejumola, the Head of Content and Channels West Africa at MultiChoice, marks a significant evolution in the AMVCA format as it enters its tenth anniversary.

The revamped AMVCA structure introduces a comprehensive alteration in award categories, with 16 slated for non-voting and eight remaining open to audience participation. The non-voting categories encompass critical aspects of filmmaking, including Best Director, Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Best Writing in a Movie and TV Series, Best Movie and TV Series, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, and Best Sound Design, Editing, and Makeup.

The audience-voted categories, on the other hand, include Best Scripted Africa Magic Original, Best Unscripted Africa Magic Original, Best Digital Content Creator, Best Indigenous Language (for West, East, and Southern Africa), Best Multichoice Talent Factory Film, and Best Indigenous Africa Magic Original.

In total, AMVCA will confer 25 awards, with two special recognition awards adding a touch of distinction to the celebration of African cinematic excellence. The shift from popular voting to a jury-based selection for acting awards reflects the awards committee’s commitment to aligning with global trends and benchmarks, as articulated by Busola Tejumola.

As part of this transformative journey, submissions are now open for entries from movies and films publicly exhibited or broadcast between December 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023. Filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals have a window from January 15 to February 14, 2023, to submit their entries for consideration.

Tejumola remarked, “As we mark our tenth anniversary of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, we are embarking on a bold journey to reevaluate our award categories and further align with global trends and benchmarks. This involves retiring certain categories, streamlining others, and revisiting both voting and non-voting classifications.” The announcement underscores the awards committee’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry’s evolution and responding to the dynamic landscape of African storytelling.

The auditing of the judging process and verification of voting results will be handled by Deloitte, a globally renowned firm with a track record in managing complex voting processes, including the Big Brother Naija reality show. This partnership adds an additional layer of credibility and transparency to the AMVCA judging process, ensuring the integrity of the awards.

The awards ceremony, set to unfold in Lagos, Nigeria, in May 2024, promises to be a landmark event that not only honors the outstanding achievements in African cinema but also marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the AMVCA. The fusion of expert judgment and audience participation signifies a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to recognizing excellence in the ever-expanding world of African entertainment.

The AMVCA 2024 edition will not merely be an awards show; it will be a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the African entertainment industry, showcasing its ability to innovate and redefine standards in response to the changing dynamics of global storytelling. As actors, filmmakers, and storytellers gear up to submit their entries, the anticipation for the celebration of cinematic brilliance in May 2024 is already building, setting the stage for a new era in the history of the AMVCA.

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