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Federal Government Unveils Ambitious Plan to Transform NYSC into a Self-Sustaining Revenue Generator



Federal Government Unveils Ambitious Plan to Transform NYSC into a Self-Sustaining Revenue Generator

Federal Government Unveils Ambitious Plan to Transform NYSC into a Self-Sustaining Revenue Generator

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Bola Tinubu-led federal government has laid out an ambitious plan to revolutionize the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), envisioning its transformation into a self-sustaining revenue-generating agency. The revelation came to light during an exclusive interview with the Minister of Youth Development, Jamila Bio-Ibrahim, on ChannelsTV on Sunday, January 04, 2023.

As Minister Jamila Bio-Ibrahim took the spotlight, she candidly addressed the pressing economic challenges confronting the nation. In response to these challenges, she articulated the government’s commitment to adapting the NYSC scheme to the current realities, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the face of dwindling resources.

“In these times of dwindling resources, with even oil revenues not as robust as before, we are committed to finding innovative ways to guarantee the welfare of our corps members,” remarked Minister Jamila Bio-Ibrahim during the interview.

Elaborating on the forthcoming reforms, the minister outlined a strategic vision that goes beyond the traditional scope of the NYSC. The government aims to position the NYSC as a catalyst for economic growth by transforming it into a revenue-generating entity. The focus is not merely on completing the mandatory service year but on equipping corps members with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in the job market or venture into entrepreneurship.

“The reforms will usher in a new era for the NYSC, turning it into a revenue-generating agency that not only prepares corps members for the job market but empowers them to secure decent and gainful employment or become employers of labor through entrepreneurship,” she explained.

The minister underscored the significance of comprehensive funding for the NYSC, emphasizing a shift from being a social program to becoming a self-sufficient and sustainable institution. This ambitious vision aligns with the government’s commitment to foster economic independence among Nigerian youth.

Addressing concerns about the safety of corps members, Minister Bio-Ibrahim reassured the public that immediate measures had been implemented to address the issue head-on. In response to the escalating security challenges in the country, the government has taken the bold step of ceasing the posting of corps members to states deemed unsafe.

“As an immediate intervention, we have halted the posting of corps members to states with precarious security situations. This is a proactive measure undertaken by the government and the NYSC to ensure the safety of our corps members,” she affirmed.

The minister acknowledged the multi-sectoral nature of addressing security concerns and stressed the importance of collaboration with other government agencies. She assured the public that the Ministry of Youth Development and the NYSC were working seamlessly with security outlets to implement robust measures that guarantee the safety and well-being of all corps members.

In unveiling this transformative plan, the federal government signals its commitment to not only revitalize the NYSC but also empower Nigerian youth to navigate the complexities of the contemporary job market and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s economic landscape. As the NYSC undergoes this evolution, it emerges as a beacon of innovation and progress in shaping the future of Nigeria’s young talents.

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