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Nigerian Pensioners Threaten Bold Protest: ‘Ready to Go Naked on Streets’ Amid Rising Cost of Living



Nigerian Pensioners Threaten Bold Protest: 'Ready to Go Naked on Streets' Amid Rising Cost of Living

Nigerian Pensioners Threaten Bold Protest: ‘Ready to Go Naked on Streets’ Amid Rising Cost of Living

The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) has issued a daring ultimatum, vowing to stage a unique protest by baring it all on the streets if their welfare demands remain unmet. NUP National President Godwin Abumusi made this startling announcement during a press briefing in Abuja on Friday, February 9, 2024, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by pensioners in the country and calling for urgent action to address their plight.

Abumusi’s bold declaration shook the room as he declared, “I am going to lead Nigerian pensioners naked.” He emphasized the intention to draw global attention to the struggles of pensioners in Nigeria by staging a protest in the most unconventional manner possible.

The threat of public nudity, while unconventional, underscores the desperation and frustration felt by pensioners grappling with delays in pension payments and insufficient monthly stipends. As the cost of living soars due to recent economic challenges, including the removal of petrol subsidies and the fluctuation of the naira, pensioners find themselves increasingly marginalized and neglected by the government.

Addressing journalists, Abumusi lamented the lack of consideration for the poor and elderly by Nigerian authorities, citing the dismal state of pensions across the country. He highlighted the absurdity of pensioners receiving paltry sums as low as N450, which he deemed utterly inadequate for survival.

The call for a review of the national minimum pension echoes the sentiments of many pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet amidst economic turmoil. Abumusi advocated for a substantial increase in pension allowances, proposing a minimum of N100,000 to align with the proposed minimum wage of N200,000 put forth by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

The impassioned plea from the NUP President serves as a stark reminder of the systemic failures and injustices faced by pensioners in Nigeria. Despite their years of service and contributions to society, pensioners find themselves relegated to the sidelines, deprived of basic dignity and financial security in their twilight years.

The looming threat of a naked protest signals a breaking point for pensioners who have endured years of neglect and indifference from the government. It is a desperate cry for recognition and support, a last resort to demand accountability and justice in the face of mounting hardship.

As the nation grapples with economic challenges and social unrest, the plight of pensioners serves as a poignant reminder of the need for empathy, compassion, and solidarity. Their struggle is not just a personal battle but a reflection of broader systemic issues that must be addressed to ensure a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

In the coming days, the eyes of the nation will be on the government as it faces mounting pressure to heed the demands of pensioners and take concrete steps to alleviate their suffering. The choice is clear: act decisively to uphold the dignity and well-being of pensioners or risk facing the consequences of their resolute protest, stripped bare for the world to see.

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