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President Tinubu Convenes Emergency Meeting, Unveils Plans to Tackle Food Security and Security Challenges



President Tinubu Convenes Emergency Meeting, Unveils Plans to Tackle Food Security and Security Challenges

President Tinubu Convenes Emergency Meeting, Unveils Plans to Tackle Food Security and Security Challenges

In an urgent address to the nation, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu outlined a series of measures aimed at addressing Nigeria’s pressing issues of food security and security challenges. Emphasizing the need for home-grown solutions, Tinubu convened an emergency meeting with all 36 state governors, the Vice-President, key government officials, and ministers to chart a way forward.

Addressing Security Concern

President Tinubu approved the formation of a committee comprising state governors and federal government representatives to explore the possibility of establishing state police, a move aimed at enhancing security and protecting lives and property across the nation. Additionally, he endorsed the training and equipping of forest rangers by sub-national governments to safeguard human and natural resources in local communities.

Crackdown on Food Hoarding

Expressing concern over reports of food hoarding in warehouses, particularly in Kano and other regions, President Tinubu instructed security agencies to investigate and take necessary action against speculators and hoarders. He emphasized the importance of ensuring food availability for all Nigerians and vowed to combat rent-seeking behaviors that undermine food distribution.

Support for Local Agriculture

President Tinubu reiterated his administration’s commitment to bolstering local food production and reducing dependency on food imports. Rejecting the establishment of a price control board and importation of food, he emphasized the need to support farmers with incentives to cultivate more food for the nation. Additionally, he highlighted plans to implement livestock development schemes, including dairy farming, to enhance food security.

Monetary Policy and Economic Management

President Tinubu urged governors to trust the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with the management of monetary policy and called for cooperation in achieving economic stability. He cautioned against undue interference in monetary policy matters, stressing the importance of allowing designated institutions to fulfill their mandates effectively. Tinubu emphasized the need for governors to prioritize the welfare and prosperity of the people in their development programs.

Collaborative Efforts

President Tinubu called for unity and collaboration among leaders to address pressing issues such as insecurity, food security, and education. He reassured Nigerians of the government’s unwavering commitment to improving the nation’s revenue profile and fostering sustainable development.

As Nigeria grapples with multifaceted challenges, President Tinubu’s decisive actions signal a proactive approach to addressing critical issues and advancing the nation’s interests on both the security and economic fronts.

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