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Atiku critcises Tinubu’s forex policy, proposes alternative solutions



Atiku Lambasts Tinubu's Hasty Forex Policy, Proposes Alternative Solutions to Economic Woes

Atiku critcises Tinubu’s forex policy, proposes alternative solutions

As Nigeria grapples with a turbulent economic landscape marred by soaring inflation and dwindling purchasing power, former Vice President and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) torchbearer in the 2023 presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, has launched a scathing critique against the economic policies championed by President Bola Tinubu. In a candid address posted on his X account, Atiku condemned what he perceives as the hurried implementation of a unified exchange rate policy, lamenting the lack of thoughtful planning and consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The economic woes afflicting Nigerians, exacerbated by the removal of fuel subsidies and the liberalization of the forex market, have plunged the populace into dire straits, with essential goods and services becoming increasingly unattainable. Atiku, however, asserts that these challenges were foreseeable long before the current administration, citing his comprehensive foreign exchange reform plan outlined in his election manifesto.

Expressing dismay over what he views as a dearth of proactive measures from the Tinubu government to address the nation’s economic dilemma, Atiku recounted a recent meeting convened by the President to tackle the foreign exchange crisis and economic downturn. According to Atiku, Tinubu’s failure to present concrete policy initiatives reflects a troubling pattern of ineptitude, further exacerbating the plight of ordinary Nigerians.

In his critique, Atiku rebuked the Tinubu administration’s apparent reluctance to heed expert advice and engage in constructive dialogue to chart a course toward economic recovery. He derided the government’s complacency, accusing it of perpetuating a cocktail of policies that have inflicted untold suffering on the populace.

Despite his disagreement with the prevailing policies, Atiku remains resolute in his commitment to offering viable alternatives to steer the nation away from its current economic precipice. Drawing upon his extensive experience and foresight, Atiku outlined a series of policy prescriptions aimed at rescuing Nigeria from its present predicament.

Recalling his election manifesto titled “My Covenant With Nigerians,” Atiku highlighted his proposal for a comprehensive foreign exchange market reform designed to streamline multiple exchange rate windows. This strategic initiative, he contends, would engender transparency, bolster investor confidence, and foster economic stability.

As the nation confronts the formidable challenges of economic downturn and currency fluctuation, Atiku calls upon the Tinubu administration to eschew hubris and embrace a collaborative approach to governance. He urges a departure from the status quo and a concerted effort to implement pragmatic solutions that prioritize the welfare and prosperity of all Nigerians.

In conclusion, Atiku’s impassioned plea resonates as a clarion call for leadership accountability and proactive policymaking in the face of adversity. As the political landscape evolves, Nigerians are confronted with a stark choice between entrenched stagnation and bold, visionary leadership capable of steering the nation towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

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