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House of Reps. Media Committee charts course for enhanced citizen engagement at agenda-setting retreat



House of Representatives Media Committee Charts Course for Enhanced Citizen Engagement at Agenda-Setting Retreat

House of Reps. Media Committee charts course for enhanced citizen engagement at agenda-setting retreat


In a bid to revitalize its engagement with the Nigerian populace and bolster public trust in the legislative process, the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs convened a groundbreaking agenda-setting retreat in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Spanning two days from Friday, February 16th to Saturday, February 17th, 2024, the retreat served as a pivotal platform for committee members to strategize on enhancing citizen engagement and promoting the mandate of the 10th House as a reliable and result-oriented institution.

Led by Chairman Akin Rotimi Jr., the committee embarked on a comprehensive exploration of its role in shaping public perception and fostering constructive dialogue between lawmakers and constituents. Rotimi, in his opening remarks, underscored the pressing need to address historic reputational deficits plaguing the federal legislature, which have eroded public trust and hindered effective service delivery. He appreciated Yiaga Africa and the European Union for their invaluable support in facilitating the retreat.

“The task before this Committee of brilliant minds is therefore, to manage communications for the Green Chamber, in a way that confronts historic reputational deficit, build an identity that enables us function optimally as legislators and ultimately get citizens to enjoy the dividends of democracy,” Rotimi said.

Throughout the retreat, attendees participated in a series of sessions aimed at equipping them with the tools and strategies necessary to bridge the gap in public trust and promote transparent and accountable governance. Facilitators from diverse backgrounds including Lanre Arogundade of the International Press Centre, Communications Strategist, Adesuwa Giwa-Osagie, offered insights on leveraging new media platforms for public opinion management, navigating ethical considerations in political communication, and managing crisis situations while safeguarding institutional reputation.

Notable sessions included discussions on rebuilding trust in the legislative institution, harnessing the potential of broadcast media to amplify citizens’ voices, and understanding the intricacies of perception and reputation management in Nigeria’s dynamic socio-political landscape. Additionally, special engagements with esteemed members of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and the Nigerian Guild of Editors (NGE) provided valuable perspectives on fostering collaboration between the media and the legislature.

Drawing from a wealth of expertise and experience, other facilitators such as Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, led engaging discussions aimed at empowering committee members to effectively communicate the legislative agenda and solicit feedback from constituents. The retreat culminated in a collective commitment to cultivate a brand for the Tenth House of Representatives characterized by reliability, responsiveness, and tangible results—a brand that resonates with the aspirations of the Nigerian populace.

Akin Rotimi Jr. reaffirmed the committee’s dedication to fostering greater transparency and accountability in governance, as well as its resolve to serve as a conduit for constructive dialogue and meaningful change.


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