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VP Shettima Vows Action to Safeguard Border Communities: Calls for Enhanced Development and Security Measures



VP Shettima Vows Action to Safeguard Border Communities: Calls for Enhanced Development and Security Measures

Vice President Kashim Shettima has pledged decisive action from the federal government to fortify and develop Nigeria’s border communities, aiming to uplift residents’ livelihoods and enhance national security.

**Commitment to Border Security:**

During a meeting with a delegation from the Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA) at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Vice President Shettima underscored the urgency of addressing the challenges faced by border communities, including insecurity and inadequate infrastructure.

**Addressing Security Concerns:**

VP Shettima emphasized the pivotal role of border security in curbing the influx of light weapons and ammunition, contributing to the prevailing insecurity in Nigeria. He emphasized the need to empower the BCDA to catalyze significant changes in the country’s security landscape.

**Enhanced Support for Development:**

Recognizing the significance of border communities in national security, Vice President Shettima assured continued government support to address the residents’ development needs. He stressed the imperative of ensuring residents’ access to essential services like healthcare, education, and social amenities.

**Call for Agency Strengthening:**

VP Shettima urged the BCDA to devise a strategic roadmap for bolstering the agency’s capabilities, advocating for increased government funding to address the challenges faced by border communities effectively.

**Agency’s Perspective:**

Executive Secretary of the BCDA, Junaid Abdullahi, highlighted the agency’s struggle with limited resources and expressed optimism about receiving essential support under Vice President Shettima’s leadership. He emphasized the potential of developing border communities to alleviate pressure on urban centers and mitigate security concerns.


Vice President Shettima’s commitment to fortifying border communities reflects the government’s determination to enhance national security and improve the welfare of residents in these vital areas. With a focus on development and security measures, the government aims to foster inclusive growth and address long-standing challenges faced by border communities in Nigeria.


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