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Wike vows unstoppable drive to transform Abuja into a smart city at FCT media retreat



Wike vows unstoppable drive to transform Abuja into a smart city at FCT media retreat

Wike vows unstoppable drive to transform Abuja into a smart city at FCT media retreat

In a resolute declaration, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, affirmed the unwavering commitment of the FCT Administration towards the transformation of Abuja into a smart city, emphasizing that this vision is non-negotiable. Wike made this assertion during the Annual Media Retreat of the FCT Minister’s Press Corps in Keffi, where the theme centered on “Building an Environment that Benefits a Smart City: Healthy Café, A Step Towards Effective City Management.”

Represented by Anthony Ogunleye, the Director of Press in his office, Wike underscored the imperative of embracing the concept of a smart city, framing it not merely as an ambitious aspiration but as a crucial step towards ensuring sustainable urban development. He elucidated that this entails the integration of technology, innovation, and strategic planning to create an environment that is efficient, resilient, and responsive to the needs of its inhabitants.

Moreover, Wike highlighted the multifaceted efforts of the FCTA towards fostering an environment that benefits all residents. He stressed the significance of leveraging technological advancements while prioritizing health and well-being at every level of urban planning. Initiatives such as accessible green spaces, efficient waste management, sustainable transport systems, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles were cited as integral components of this transformative vision.

Drawing inspiration from President Bola Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” agenda and the FCT Administration’s strides towards increased revenues, Wike urged stakeholders to harness this momentum to propel Abuja into a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and inclusive growth.

Additionally, Wike called upon residents to fulfill their civic duties, including timely payment of taxes and adherence to traffic regulations, while the FCTA endeavors to meet its obligations to the populace. He sternly warned against flagrant violations of basic rules, signaling a zero-tolerance stance towards actions detrimental to the city’s progress.

Echoing Wike’s sentiments, Shehu Ahmad, the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority, disclosed plans to review the Abuja Master Plan to incorporate current realities into the city’s ongoing development. This endeavor aims to ensure alignment with evolving urban dynamics and emerging needs.

The retreat’s Chairman, Hudu Yakubu, underscored the pivotal role of the media in fostering community engagement towards building a smart city. Emphasizing the media’s capacity as a catalyst for change, Yakubu highlighted the importance of public education on sustainable practices, technology advancement, and civic responsibility.

Furthermore, Mukhtar Galadima, Director of the Department of Development Control, FCTA, emphasized the strategic partnership between the media and city development. Recognizing the media’s role in public enlightenment, transparency promotion, and governmental accountability, Galadima outlined key aspects of a smart city, underscoring the need for integrated urban growth, innovative technologies, sustainable transportation, and intelligent waste management, among other factors.

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