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Nigerian Army denounces recruitment fee scam as fraudulent ploy



Nigerian Army denounces recruitment fee scam as fraudulent ploy

Nigerian Army denounces recruitment fee scam as fraudulent ploy


In a stern rebuttal, the Nigerian Army has vehemently denied allegations of soliciting recruitment fees from prospective candidates. The Director of Army Public Relations, Maj.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, issued a resolute statement on Thursday, denouncing the purported demands as fraudulent acts perpetrated by unidentified individuals of ill repute.

Maj.-Gen. Nwachukwu unequivocally labeled the claims as fraudulent and criminal, emphasizing the urgency of thwarting such nefarious activities before they gain traction. He reiterated that the training of potential recruits and officer cadets within the Nigerian Army has always been fully funded by the institution itself, with no requirement for external financial contributions.

Highlighting the audacious nature of the scam, Nwachukwu condemned the exploitation of unsuspecting members of the public, particularly parents and guardians whose wards have successfully navigated the rigorous selection process. He underscored the gravity of the situation, characterizing the scheme as a deliberate attempt to besmirch the sterling reputation of the Nigerian Army.

“Parents and guardians are therefore urged to dismiss these baseless demands in any form they may manifest and promptly report any individuals attempting to defraud them,” Maj.-Gen. Nwachukwu urged.

Assuring proactive measures, Nwachukwu affirmed ongoing efforts to identify and apprehend the perpetrators behind these fraudulent messages. He stressed the Army’s unwavering commitment to fully financing the training of recruits and officer cadets, reaffirming the institution’s stance against any form of exploitation or extortion targeting the public.

“The Nigerian Army reiterates that the comprehensive training of potential recruits and officer cadets is entirely funded and supported by the Nigerian Army itself. Members of the public are urged to remain vigilant against the deceptive tactics employed by criminals seeking to exploit them,” he emphasized.

As the Nigerian Army takes decisive action to combat this insidious scam, the public is urged to exercise caution and remain vigilant against fraudulent solicitations. With concerted efforts to expose and prosecute those responsible, the Nigerian Army remains steadfast in upholding its integrity and ensuring transparency in its recruitment processes.

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