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Gov. Idris bolsters lawmakers amid National turmoil: donates 24 new vehicles



Gov. Idris bolsters lawmakers amid National turmoil: donates 24 new vehicles

Gov. Idris bolsters lawmakers amid National turmoil: donates 24 new vehicles

Amidst the backdrop of national challenges, Governor Nasir Idris of Kebbi State has made a significant gesture by donating 24 new operational vehicles to members of the State House of Assembly. The distribution ceremony, held in Birnin Kebbi on Tuesday, underscores the governor’s commitment to providing necessary support to government officials amidst trying times.

In his address during the distribution ceremony, Governor Idris reiterated his administration’s unwavering dedication to creating an enabling environment for government officials to carry out their duties effectively. “Today, we are making history once again by handing over 24 vehicles to members of the State House of Assembly to alleviate transportation challenges in their official engagements,” Governor Idris stated.

He emphasized that the provision of these vehicles would facilitate the lawmakers’ ability to visit their constituents, understand their predicaments, and address their challenges effectively. This gesture, Governor Idris emphasized, is in fulfillment of his campaign promises and demonstrates his administration’s commitment to enhancing governance in the state.

In addition to the vehicles distributed to the lawmakers, Governor Idris highlighted that his administration had previously allocated 30 operational vehicles to security agencies operating in the state and 28 vehicles to members of the State Executive Council. This comprehensive effort aims to bolster the operational capabilities of government officials across various sectors.

Addressing the lawmakers directly, Governor Idris urged them to uphold the principles of fairness, justice, and accountability in their legislative endeavors. “I implore you to exhibit the fear of God Almighty and ensure that your legislative actions are guided by integrity and equity,” Governor Idris stated.

He reminded the lawmakers of their solemn responsibility to govern the people of Kebbi State justly and fairly. With a population exceeding five million, Governor Idris emphasized that the mantle of leadership bestowed upon them by the people serves as a test of their capability and ability to govern effectively.

Expressing his gratitude to the Speaker, Alhaji Muhammad Usman-Ankwai, and other members of the State House of Assembly for their cooperation and collaboration, Governor Idris acknowledged the importance of their partnership in driving rapid growth and development in the state. The cordial relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government, he noted, has laid the foundation for progress and prosperity in Kebbi State.

As the vehicles are put into operation, Governor Idris remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing the welfare of the people of Kebbi State and navigating the state through challenging times. The distribution of these vehicles signifies a tangible step towards enhancing governance and service delivery in the state, underscoring Governor Idris’s proactive approach to governance amidst national turmoil.

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