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Minister advocates death penalty for power equipment vandals



Minister of Power advocates death penalty for vandals targeting power equipment

In a bid to curb the incessant vandalism and theft of power infrastructure, the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has proposed the imposition of capital punishment for perpetrators. The minister made this assertion on Monday in Abuja, emphasizing the devastating impact of infrastructure vandalism on the nation’s economy and the well-being of its citizens.

Addressing the pressing issue during a press briefing, Minister Adelabu stressed the urgent need for stringent measures to deter vandals and safeguard vital power assets. He lamented the detrimental effects of such criminal activities on efforts to ensure uninterrupted power supply and national development.

“The Ministry of Power, along with its affiliated agencies, is advocating for the implementation of capital punishment for individuals involved in the vandalism and theft of power infrastructure,” Minister Adelabu stated. “The gravity of their actions cannot be overstated, as they pose a severe threat to the nation’s economy and the livelihoods of its people.”

Highlighting the critical importance of protecting power assets, Minister Adelabu urged Nigerians to recognize these facilities as national resources acquired with taxpayers’ money. He emphasized the collective responsibility of citizens in safeguarding these assets and reiterated the government’s commitment to collaborating with relevant security agencies to combat vandalism effectively.

“Our transmission and distribution power assets are under constant threat from vandals seeking to profit from their criminal activities,” Minister Adelabu remarked. “This poses a significant obstacle to our goal of achieving uninterrupted power supply and hampers the nation’s progress.”

In addition to advocating for stricter penalties, the Ministry of Power is working closely with the Office of the National Security Adviser and other security agencies to enhance the protection of power infrastructure. Minister Adelabu underscored the importance of establishing robust protection frameworks at both federal and state levels to safeguard these critical assets.

Furthermore, the minister outlined the government’s initiatives to address the metering gap and improve electricity distribution across the country. He disclosed plans to provide at least two million meters annually, with a targeted reduction in the metering gap within four to five years.

“We have launched a presidential metering initiative, backed by a seed fund of ₦75 billion, to accelerate the deployment of meters nationwide,” Minister Adelabu explained. “This initiative will be supplemented by additional funding from the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority, with the possibility of increasing the fund to ₦100 billion.”

Minister Adelabu emphasized the importance of holding Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) accountable for meeting metering targets and ensuring equitable access to electricity. He stressed the need for proactive measures to address the metering gap and facilitate new connections for communities currently underserved by the power grid.

“As we strive to reduce the metering gap and expand access to electricity, we must remain vigilant against vandalism and theft,” Minister Adelabu concluded. “By implementing stringent penalties and enhancing security measures, we can safeguard our power infrastructure and pave the way for sustainable economic growth and development.”

The call for capital punishment for vandals targeting power equipment underscores the government’s determination to protect critical infrastructure and ensure the reliable delivery of electricity to all Nigerians.

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