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Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa launches garri processing plant to empower Bakassi IDPs in Cross Riverq1q



Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa launches garri processing plant to empowerBakassi IDPs in Cross River

Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa launches garri processing plant to empowerBakassi IDPs in Cross River

Renowned lawmaker Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa spearheaded the inauguration of a groundbreaking Garri Processing Plant in Ikpiri Obutong, Bakassi Local Government Area (LGA) of Cross River, aimed at empowering Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the region. The initiative, funded by the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund in collaboration with UN Women, marks a significant milestone in the quest to uplift displaced women and foster economic revitalization in the community.

Sen. Ita-Giwa, represented by Eyo Bassey, Member Representing Bakassi State Constituency in the Cross River House of Assembly, expressed gratitude to Care for Social Welfare International (CASWI), the NGO behind the project, for their unwavering commitment to the welfare of IDPs in Bakassi. She emphasized the importance of leveraging such initiatives to enhance the socio-economic status of displaced women and ensure their sustained empowerment.

Addressing the gathering during the inauguration ceremony, Sen. Ita-Giwa underscored the need for prudent utilization of the project infrastructure by the intended beneficiaries, urging them to embrace the opportunity for self-reliance and community development. In response to feedback from the women, she pledged to enhance the project by implementing enhancements such as concrete flooring and protective walls for the garri frying area, alongside provisions for essential amenities like borehole water and sanitation facilities.

The initiative, aptly named the ‘Women Household Empowerment Project’, aims to equip displaced women with the tools and resources needed to actively participate in community-building endeavors and contribute to the overall peace and stability of the Bakassi locality. Ifeanyi Damian, Project Manager at CASWI, highlighted the transformative impact of the initiative, emphasizing its role in fostering women’s economic autonomy and amplifying their voices in decision-making processes.

Through strategic partnerships and technical support, CASWI has successfully established a state-of-the-art five-ton per hour garri processing mill, poised to serve as a catalyst for economic empowerment and social inclusion among Bakassi returnees and IDP women. Damian called upon stakeholders to rally behind the initiative by providing sustained support, particularly through the provision of raw cassava to women cooperative groups established under the project.

Happiness Edet, a prominent Women Leader in the camp, shared her sentiments regarding the transformative potential of the garri processing plant. She reflected on the challenges faced by IDPs in the camp, including pervasive poverty and insecurity, highlighting the pivotal role of the newly inaugurated plant in offering a ray of hope amidst adversity. Edet expressed optimism that the project would not only empower women economically but also foster resilience and community cohesion among IDPs in Bakassi.

As Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa continues to champion initiatives aimed at uplifting vulnerable populations and promoting sustainable development in Cross River, the inauguration of the Garri Processing Plant stands as a testament to the enduring commitment towards fostering resilience, empowerment, and socio-economic progress in Bakassi and beyond.

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