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Davido takes legal action after April Fools’ Day arrest hoax



Davido takes legal action after April Fools’ Day arrest hoax


Nigerian music artiste Davido found himself at the center of a media storm following false reports of his arrest by Kenyan authorities on April 1st, sparking widespread confusion and concern among fans.

However, the singer swiftly quashed the rumors and outlined his next steps in response to the malicious prank.

The controversy erupted when a Kenyan media outlet erroneously claimed that Grammy nominee had been detained by law enforcement officials upon his departure from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, alleging possession of narcotics.

The sensational report sent shockwaves through social media, prompting Davido to take immediate action to clarify the situation.

In a statement shared across his social media platforms, Davido addressed his fans directly, assuring them of his safety and categorically denying any arrest.

“Fam, it has come to my attention that false reports regarding an arrest circulated online on April 1st. I want to assure my fans that these reports are entirely untrue,” he affirmed, seeking to quell the growing concern among his devoted fanbase.

Emphasizing his impeccable record, Davido refuted the allegations, stating unequivocally that he has never been arrested in any country throughout his illustrious career. “I have never been arrested by anyone in any country for any crime in the world. Not my home Nigeria, my home America, or any of the hundreds of countries I’ve made home throughout my career,” he declared, seeking to dispel any doubts surrounding his integrity.

Expressing his frustration at the dissemination of false and damaging information, Davido announced his intention to take legal action against the media outlets responsible for perpetuating the hoax. “I find the fabrication of allegations of such international crimes extremely irresponsible,” he asserted.



My lawyer is seeking legal recourse against the media parties responsible for generating this misinformation,” he added, signaling his determination to hold those accountable for spreading baseless rumors.

Amidst the tumultuous aftermath of the April Fools’ Day prank, Davido’s unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity shines through, reaffirming his status as a beloved figure in the music industry. His swift response to the false reports underscores his dedication to his fans and his unwavering commitment to truth and authenticity.

Prior to the incident, Davido had been in Kenya to headline the Raha Fest alongside a stellar lineup of African music luminaries, including Congolese star Ya Levis, Ghanaian sensation King Promise, and South African talent Musa Keys. The event showcased the vibrant diversity of African music and served as a celebration of unity and collaboration across the continent.

As Davido sets his sights on the future, he remains resolute in his pursuit of justice and truth, determined to uphold his reputation and protect his legacy against the tide of misinformation. In the face of adversity, Davido emerges as a beacon of strength and resilience, inspiring fans around the world to stand firm in the face of adversity and hold fast to the values of integrity and authenticity.

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