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Burna Boy throws shade at Brymo: ‘you make yoruba proverb music’ amid ongoing beef



Burna Boy throws shade at Brymo: 'you make yoruba proverb music' amid ongoing beef

Burna Boy throws shade at Brymo: ‘you make yoruba proverb music’ amid ongoing beef


The Nigerian music scene is once again buzzing with controversy as superstar Burna Boy takes aim at fellow artist Brymo in their ongoing feud. Known for his global musical achievements and outspoken nature, Burna Boy didn’t hold back as he criticized Brymo’s musical style, labeling it as “Yoruba proverb music” that pales in comparison to the works of Fuji icons King Wasiu Ayinde and King Saheed Osupa.

This latest jab from Burna Boy comes after Brymo’s recent appearance on ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ with Bae U, where he questioned Burna Boy’s originality and asserted his superiority as a vocalist on the continent.

During the interview, Brymo dismissed Burna Boy’s freestyle diss aimed at him, claiming that the lyrics were not original and asserting that he would never include Burna Boy’s name in his songs because he doesn’t rate him.

“Is it not Burna Boy lyrics? But he would like to know that nothing in this world would make me put his name in my song. He no reach my standard,” Brymo confidently stated.

Not stopping there, Brymo went on to boast about his vocal prowess, boldly proclaiming himself as the finest vocalist on the African continent. “I’m probably the finest vocalist on the continent. Better than anybody. I’m not thinking. I know this,” he asserted.

The rift between Burna Boy and Brymo traces back to Brymo’s claim during an interview on TVC that Burna Boy lifted part of his unreleased album ‘Macabre’ for his Grammy-nominated hit single ‘City Boy’. This accusation prompted Burna Boy’s response in the ‘Thanks Freestyle’, where he warned Brymo not to “fall off” like him.

Both Burna Boy and Brymo are undeniably talented artists, but their public spats and controversial behavior have drawn criticism from fans and industry observers alike. Their ongoing feud serves as yet another example of their divisive antics and adds fuel to the fire of their turbulent relationship.

As the music industry watches on, the clash between Burna Boy and Brymo continues to capture headlines and fuel discussions among fans, leaving many eager to see how the saga will unfold in the days to come.

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