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NNPCL CEO Mele Kyari emphasizes vital role of natural gas in economic growth and development



NNPCL CEO Mele Kyari emphasizes vital role of natural gas in economic growth and developmen

NNPCL CEO Mele Kyari emphasizes vital role of natural gas in economic growth and development


Mele Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), has reaffirmed the pivotal role of natural gas in driving economic growth and fostering development. Speaking at the presentation of the book “The Rise of Gas: From Gaslink to the Decade of Gas” authored by Charles A. Osezua, Kyari underscored the global significance of natural gas as a vital energy source that propels industrial activities and sustains economic progress.

Representing Kyari at the event, Mrs. Oluwakemi Olumuyiwa, Head of Relationship and Stakeholder Management at NNPCL, highlighted the importance of documenting Nigeria’s gas sector and emphasized the need to prioritize natural gas production and supply. Kyari emphasized Nigeria’s abundant gas reserves, exceeding 200 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) and the potential to reach 600 Tcf, as a critical resource for driving sustainable development, enhancing energy security, and facilitating job creation.

Kyari stressed the alignment of the book launch with the Federal Government’s “Decade of Gas” initiative, aimed at optimizing Nigeria’s vast gas reserves for both domestic consumption and international export. He further emphasized NNPCL’s proactive role in advancing the objectives of the “Decade of Gas” agenda through strategic investments in essential gas infrastructure, including pipelines and processing facilities.

Charles A. Osezua, the author of “The Rise of Gas,” described the book as a significant contribution to Nigeria’s energy literature and expressed gratitude to NNPCL for its support in bringing the project to fruition. He highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing and innovation within the gas industry, underscoring NNPCL’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving progress in the sector.

Engr. Afolabi Oladele, Chairman of Impact Investors Foundation and former Group Executive Director of NNPC, commended the comprehensive insights provided by the book into the gas value chain. He emphasized its relevance to policymakers, particularly amid the ongoing global energy transition, and lauded the contributions of NNPCL towards advancing knowledge and understanding in the gas sector.

The event served as a platform for industry stakeholders to reaffirm their commitment to leveraging Nigeria’s abundant natural gas resources for sustainable development, economic growth, and energy security. By promoting dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, NNPCL and its partners aim to drive positive change and unlock the full potential of the country’s gas sector.

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