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Rudeboy might get married again, see why



Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy, has hinted at the possibility of walking down the aisle again.

Despite some fans anticipating a potentially toxic aftermath of his divorce, Paul confidently asserted his commitment to his partner, Ivy Ifeoma.

Playfully, Rudeboy via his Instagram story, invited his followers to partake in the excitement by suggesting hashtags for their couple name, presenting options like #Ifeomanonso or #Ifynonso.

“Some of y’all wish and think all divorces must be toxic, looking for someone to blame so that y’all can be entertained… lol #Ifeomanonso or #Ifynonso. Choose one.”

Ivy Ifeoma had debunked allegations that she wreaked the singer’s marriage, stressing that she met him as a single man she wasn’t part of the divorce process.

She further stated that she got into a relationship with a man who was very single and told people who chose to keep on believing lies and information to understand that they were now witches.


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