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NUBIFIE protests Heritage Bank over alleged unlawful termination of 1,000 workers’ contracts



NUBIFIE protests Heritage Bank over alleged unlawful termination of 1,000 workers' contracts

NUBIFIE protests Heritage Bank over alleged unlawful termination of 1,000 workers’ contracts


In a bold demonstration of solidarity, the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBIFIE) staged a protest outside the Heritage Bank’s headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos, denouncing the bank’s alleged unjust dismissal of approximately 1,000 workers and its failure to settle their severance benefits.

Amidst fervent chants and placard-waving, union leaders and members voiced their discontent with the treatment meted out to the affected workers, demanding fair compensation and adherence to due process.

The protesters, brandishing signs emblazoned with slogans such as “CBN call Heritage Bank to order,” “N90,000 benefits for 15 years service is dehumanising,” and “Banking is not slavery, stop dehumanising workers,” made their grievances known, asserting that the dismissed employees deserve equitable remuneration for their years of service.

Addressing the assembled crowd, the President of NUBIFIE, Comrade Anthony Abakpa, lamented the bank’s alleged disregard for due process in terminating the workers’ employment contracts and its failure to furnish documentation of the severance benefits disbursed. Abakpa condemned the bank’s actions as exploitative and unjust, particularly considering the length of service rendered by the affected individuals, ranging from 14 to 18 years.

Expressing outrage at the paltry sum of N90,000 offered as severance pay to workers with over 15 years of service, Abakpa denounced the act as criminal and vowed to continue the protest until the demands of the union are met.

In a show of solidarity, the General Secretary of the union, Comrade Sheikh Mohammed, echoed Abakpa’s sentiments, emphasizing that the protest was prompted by the bank’s alleged violation of due process in terminating the workers’ contracts and its refusal to settle their severance benefits.

Mohammed warned of further mobilization efforts by the union to protect the rights of its members, signaling a readiness to leverage its networks and affiliations to champion the cause of the affected workers.

Responding to the allegations, the Head of Human Resources at Heritage Bank, Mother Dan Egwu, asserted that the severance benefits and pension entitlements of the affected workers had been disbursed through service providers, whose contracts with the bank had also been terminated. She assured the union of the bank’s willingness to engage in dialogue to address the issues raised.

As tensions simmer between NUBIFIE and Heritage Bank, the outcome of negotiations remains uncertain, underscoring the importance of fair labor practices and equitable treatment of employees in the banking sector.

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