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Wizkid sparks controversy by branding Don Jazzy an “influencer” in fiery social media exchange



Wizkid sparks controversy by branding Don Jazzy an "influencer" in fiery social media exchange

Wizkid sparks controversy by branding Don Jazzy an “influencer” in fiery social media exchange

In a social media storm that rippled through the music industry, Wizkid, the Nigerian music sensation, triggered a flurry of reactions after labeling Don Jazzy, the revered Mavin Records boss, as an “influencer.” The spat unfolded on April 29, 2024, during an exchange on X, as Wizkid waded into a discussion initiated by Ladipoe, highlighting the evolving narrative around the vitality of Afrobeats.

Ladipoe’s tweet suggested that Afrobeats was undergoing a “dead” phase, analogous to the narrative that once surrounded hip hop. Wizkid, thrust into the discourse, retorted that he would never engage with artists signed by an “influencer,” a veiled jab at Don Jazzy’s status as the head of Mavin Records.

This remark ignited a firestorm of controversy, with fans and industry insiders dissecting the implications of Wizkid’s statement. Don Jazzy, renowned for his influential role in shaping the Nigerian music landscape since his Mo’hit days, has been a towering figure in the industry for nearly two decades. His success story spans across generations, with Mavin Records nurturing and propelling several top-tier talents into stardom.

Recently, Mavin Records made headlines after reportedly being acquired by Universal Music Group for a staggering sum exceeding $150 million, a testament to Don Jazzy’s formidable impact and business acumen in the music realm.

Wizkid’s vocalization on social media is a departure from his typically reserved demeanor, making each of his posts a subject of intense scrutiny and speculation. His recent foray into controversy echoes his previous move when he distanced himself from the Afrobeats genre, signaling a new artistic direction with his upcoming album “Morayo.”

The clash between Wizkid and Don Jazzy underscores the complex dynamics and rivalries within the Nigerian music industry, where personalities and egos often collide. As fans await further developments, the aftermath of this social media showdown promises to reverberate across the music landscape, shaping perceptions and alliances in its wake.

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