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Nigerian teenager attempts World Record for longest nail painting



Lisha Dachor, a 19-year-old lady has emerged victorious in her quest to set a new world record for the longest nail painting marathon.

She painted 4,000 nails in 72 hours. According to Guinness World Record (GWR) guidelines, she was expected to paint 60 fingernails per hour.

She now awaits GWR’s review after completing her attempt and submitting her evidence. Once the Guinness World Records officially recognises her achievement, she will join the ranks of distinguished Nigerians who have etched their names in the record books.

The teenager told BBC that her motivation to take on the challenge goes beyond personal achievement or the desire for plaudits and stemmed from the need to alter perceptions about teen mothers like herself. 

“I want to give people hope, especially single mothers because many people don’t think we have anything to offer,” she said.

Ms Dachor is an experienced nail technician and has been practising the profession for more than two years.

With the attempt, she hopes to shift some focus to the northern Nigerian women and also to her home state in Plateau, Nigeria.

“People judge the Plateau by the cover. Apart from the ethnic issues we have, Plateau is a beautiful place. I got support from all ethnic groups while I embarked on this attempt.”

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