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Aradel Holdings reaffirms commitment to indigenous talent development



Aradel Holdings reaffirms commitment to indigenous talent development

Aradel Holdings reaffirms commitment to indigenous talent development

In a strategic move to bolster local expertise and empower the indigenous workforce, the leadership team of Aradel Holdings Plc recently paid a courtesy visit to Felix Omatsola Ogbe, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), at the NCDMB office.

Adegbite Falade, the Chief Executive Officer of Aradel Holdings Plc, extended warm congratulations to Ogbe on his appointment, marking the beginning of a collaborative effort towards advancing local content development in Nigeria.

Accompanying the CEO were key executives from Aradel, including Temitayo Ogunbanjo, General Manager of Refineries; Titi Omisore, Group General Counsel; Femi Olaniyan, General Manager of Engineering and Projects; Chukwuma Nkwodinmah, Manager of Contracting and Procurement; Damilola Yahaya, Technical Assistant to the CEO; and Victoria Humphrey, Media Lead. The Executive Secretary was joined by Abayomi Bamidele, Director of Project Certification; Ifeanyi Ukoha, Director of Finance & Personnel; Tari Bribena, Manager of Procurement; Mofe Megbele, Senior Technical Assistant to the Executive Secretary; and Jephthah Vincent, Personal Assistant to the Executive Secretary.

During the meeting, Falade provided an overview of Aradel’s commitment to promoting local content in Nigeria’s business landscape. He emphasized that since its inception in 2005, Aradel Holdings Plc has maintained a workforce comprised entirely of Nigerian talent, demonstrating the company’s unwavering dedication to nurturing indigenous expertise.

Aradel’s steadfast commitment to local content development has been a cornerstone of its operations, driving significant value creation within the Nigerian economy. By prioritizing the utilization of local talent and resources, Aradel has contributed to the empowerment of Nigerian professionals while fostering sustainable growth and development.

The collaborative efforts between Aradel Holdings Plc and the NCDMB underscore a shared vision to harness the potential of indigenous talent and promote inclusive economic development. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, both entities aim to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation across various sectors, positioning Nigeria as a hub for indigenous expertise and excellence.

As Nigeria continues to prioritize local content development as a catalyst for economic growth, partnerships between industry players and regulatory bodies play a crucial role in driving sustainable development and fostering a conducive environment for indigenous businesses to thrive.

In conclusion, Aradel Holdings Plc remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing local expertise and promoting inclusive growth. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders like the NCDMB, Aradel aims to further strengthen Nigeria’s position as a leader in indigenous talent development and contribute to the nation’s overall economic prosperity.

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