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Femi Adebayo triumphs in ₦25 million legal battle against film piracy



Femi Adebayo triumphs in ₦25 million legal battle against film piracy

Femi Adebayo triumphs in ₦25 million legal battle against film piracy

Renowned Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Femi Adebayo, emerges victorious in a protracted legal battle against piracy, securing a monumental ₦25 million victory. The three-year court battle underscores the persistent threat of piracy looming over Nigeria’s vibrant film industry, impeding its growth and potential.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, Adebayo announced his triumph over a “notable media company” distributing content on YouTube, which illicitly exploited his film, Survival of Jelili. The deceptive tactic involved superimposing images from his 2019 movie onto another YouTube video, deceiving viewers into believing they were watching the authentic film. This fraudulent scheme resulted in a surge in views, highlighting the detrimental impact of piracy on creators’ intellectual property rights.

Adebayo expressed gratitude to his legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co Legal Practitioners, lauding their unwavering dedication and expertise in navigating complex legal terrain. Their meticulous preparation, compelling arguments, and diligence proved pivotal in securing a favorable outcome, culminating in the court awarding a substantial sum of twenty-five million naira in damages.

Reflecting on the broader implications of piracy, Adebayo underscored its detrimental effects on the Nigerian film industry, inhibiting its ability to attract vital investment and realize its full economic potential. He lamented the challenges posed by “daredevil pirates,” whose illicit activities undermine the industry’s integrity and profitability, deterring prospective investors from engaging with filmmakers.

Adebayo’s victory resonates with fellow industry practitioners, such as filmmaker Toyin Abraham, who recently revealed her harrowing experiences with piracy. Abraham recounted suffering panic attacks and hospitalization due to the unauthorized online leakage of her December 2023 film, Malaika. In January 2024, five suspects faced charges for intellectual property theft, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice related to the piracy incident.

As Nigeria’s film industry grapples with the pervasive threat of piracy, stakeholders emphasize the urgent need for robust legal frameworks, stringent enforcement measures, and public awareness campaigns to combat piracy effectively. Adebayo’s successful legal battle serves as a testament to the resilience of creators in safeguarding their intellectual property rights and preserving the integrity of Nigeria’s cinematic landscape.

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