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Cardi B backs Ayra Starr amid shady question controversy



Cardi B backs Ayra Starr amid shady question controversy

Cardi B backs Ayra Starr amid shady question controversy

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr found herself at the center of attention after deftly dodging a tricky question about Cardi B posed by a TMZ reporter. The incident, captured in a viral video, sparked a wave of reactions, ultimately drawing support from the American rapper herself.

In the video, Ayra Starr, approached by the TMZ reporter, was questioned about Cardi B’s apparent memory lapse regarding the designer of her 2024 Met Gala outfit. The reporter insinuated that Cardi B’s forgetfulness might be construed as disrespectful to the designers involved. However, Starr tactfully deflected the question, attributing the lapse to nerves and expressing admiration for Cardi B.

Cardi B, upon seeing the clip, swiftly came to Ayra Starr’s defense, criticizing the media outlet’s attempt to provoke controversy. She lauded Ayra Starr’s response and condemned the uncomfortable position the reporter tried to put her in.

The incident unfolded against the backdrop of criticism directed at Cardi B for mistakenly referring to the designer of her Met Gala dress as “Asian” instead of acknowledging him as Chinese. The ensuing backlash prompted Cardi B to clarify her remarks, emphasizing that her intention was not to be racially insensitive but rather a result of the pressure of the moment.

The exchange between Ayra Starr and the TMZ reporter, coupled with Cardi B’s supportive response, highlights the complexities of navigating celebrity culture and the media’s role in shaping public perceptions. As artists grapple with the scrutiny of the spotlight, solidarity among peers becomes paramount in facing challenges and controversies head-on.

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