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Pathologist reveals Mohbad’s cause of death remains uncertain



Pathologist reveals Mohbad's cause of death remains uncertain

Pathologist reveals Mohbad’s cause of death remains uncertain

In a gripping development surrounding the untimely demise of Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, a leading pathologist, Professor Shokunle Shoyemi, has disclosed that the cause of death remains undetermined due to the advanced state of decomposition. This revelation came during the ongoing coroner’s inquest at the Ikorodu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos State.

The Nigerian music industry was rocked by Mohbad’s sudden death on September 12, 2023, followed by his burial the next day. At just 27 years old, his passing sparked widespread controversy and public outcry, prompting the Lagos State Government to initiate a coroner’s inquest to unravel the circumstances of his death.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Professor Shoyemi, testifying before Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, shed light on the autopsy challenges faced by the medical team at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). He stated that the body was already in an advanced stage of decomposition by the time it was brought in for examination, significantly hindering the ability to ascertain a definitive cause of death.

“Despite extensive efforts, the decomposition of the body made a conclusive autopsy impossible,” Professor Shoyemi informed the court. He emphasized that the lack of embalming accelerated the decomposition process, complicating the post-mortem analysis.

The pathologist also addressed rumors circulating about the condition of Mohbad’s body at the time of exhumation. Contrary to allegations that the late singer’s neck was bent and bleeding, Shoyemi clarified that these claims were unfounded. Additionally, he noted that heavy stones were found placed atop Mohbad’s grave during the exhumation, an unusual detail that adds to the mysteries surrounding the case.

Photographs taken during the autopsy were presented for documentation, although they did not provide the clarity needed to draw definitive conclusions about the cause of death. The inquest, which commenced on October 13, 2023, aims to provide transparency and answers to the many questions left by Mohbad’s abrupt passing.

Another key witness, Owofeni Ibrahim, a childhood friend of the deceased, provided character testimony during the inquest. Ibrahim described Mohbad as a calm, smart, and hardworking individual, stating, “Every time I saw Mohbad, he was okay.” His statements painted a picture of a dedicated and focused young man whose sudden death has left many in shock.

The court proceedings have garnered significant public and media attention, reflecting the high stakes and deep emotions involved in this high-profile case. Fans, fellow musicians, and members of the public have been closely following the developments, hoping for clarity and justice.

The Lagos State Government’s decision to conduct a coroner’s inquest underscores its commitment to addressing public concerns and ensuring a thorough investigation. The inquest serves not only to determine the cause of death but also to dispel the numerous speculations and rumors that have surrounded Mohbad’s death since last September.

The pathologist’s testimony highlights the critical role of timely autopsies and the challenges posed by delayed examinations. In cases where decomposition sets in rapidly, establishing an exact cause of death becomes exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, thereby complicating legal and investigative processes.

The next session of the inquest has been scheduled for June 11, 2024, where further testimonies and evidence will be reviewed. This session is expected to bring additional insights and possibly new leads that could shed light on the unresolved aspects of Mohbad’s death.

As the inquest continues, the broader implications for the Nigerian music industry and public health protocols remain in focus. The case has reignited discussions on the need for improved medical and forensic services, timely intervention in sudden death cases, and better preservation methods for deceased individuals to aid in accurate post-mortem examinations.

The unfolding narrative of Mohbad’s death is not just a matter of public curiosity but also a crucial legal and medical puzzle that needs resolution. The Lagos State Government, in its bid to uphold justice and transparency, remains dedicated to uncovering the truth behind this tragic incident.

In the meantime, the music community continues to mourn the loss of a promising artist whose life and career were cut short abruptly. Mohbad’s legacy, marked by his musical contributions and the impact he had on fans and colleagues alike, remains a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the enduring quest for truth and justice.

As the legal and medical inquiries proceed, the hope is that the inquest will provide the much-needed closure to Mohbad’s family, friends, and fans, and that it will reinforce the importance of rigorous and timely forensic investigations in similar future cases.

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