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“Bring husband to daddy o,” Ooni tells daughter on 30th birthday




Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, has congratulated his daughter on her 30th birthday.

Adeola Ogunwusi turned 30 on Monday. To celebrate her birthday, the monarch took to his Instagram page to reflect on how he guided her through different stages of her life.

“When you turned 10, your father would talk to you about school and your future. At 20, he encouraged you to listen and understand the importance of morals and well-being, even as you sought independence,” he wrote.

“Now that you are 30, you are a grown woman. Your father senses that you no longer wish to be advised as independence has finally set in.

“I talked 10 to you and I got your subtle independence behaviour in return, I talked 20 to you and still got your near obvious independence behaviour in return. Now I’m talking 30 to a grown woman, so go and bring husband to daddy o.”


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