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Portable declares himself ‘Police Ambassador’ days after arrest



Portable declares himself 'Police Ambassador' days after arrest

Portable declares himself ‘police ambassador’ days after arrest

In a surprising turn of events, controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola Oyegbile, popularly known as Portable, has declared himself a “police ambassador” just days after his release on bail. Portable, who has been a frequent figure in the headlines for his provocative antics and bold statements, took to Instagram to share his newfound support for the Nigerian Police Force, urging his followers to see the police as friends and allies.

The Arrest and Its Aftermath

Portable’s recent legal troubles began when he was arrested by the police over an unpaid debt related to the purchase of a G-Wagon from a car dealer in Lagos State. The arrest drew significant media attention, as Portable is known for his brash personality and high-profile lifestyle. Following his release on bail, Portable’s demeanor shifted remarkably, leading to his latest public statements.

Instagram Declaration

In a recent Instagram post, the “Zazu” crooner expressed his belief in turning setbacks into opportunities. He wrote, “Zazuu federal government libeliability. Omo ijoba Police Ambassador I do music for living star don’t beg to shine. Akoi grace wey no dey disgrace.” Portable continued, “I no fit run from God. That’s all, my believe God is over everything after God the government and Police is our friends I believe in God my phone and sub any disappointment is a blessings. ZehNation many many inspirations.”

Public Reaction

Portable’s self-declared status as a “police ambassador” has sparked a variety of reactions from the public and his fanbase. Some view his declaration as a strategic move to mend his relationship with law enforcement and improve his public image. Others see it as another example of his unpredictable and attention-grabbing behavior.

Background of the Incident

Portable’s arrest stemmed from an alleged refusal to pay for a G-Wagon he purchased from a Lagos car dealer. The incident highlighted the singer’s ongoing issues with managing his finances and adhering to contractual obligations. Despite these challenges, Portable has maintained a resilient public persona, often leveraging social media to share his thoughts and experiences with his followers.

Portable’s Relationship with Law Enforcement

This is not the first time Portable has had interactions with the police. His career has been marked by a series of controversies and legal issues, including public disturbances and altercations. However, his recent declaration of support for the police suggests a possible shift in his approach to authority figures.

Advocating for the Police

In his Instagram post, Portable emphasized the importance of viewing the police as allies. He stated, “After God, the government and Police is our friends.” This message is a stark contrast to his previous run-ins with law enforcement and has been interpreted by some as a strategic pivot to rebuild his image and align himself with a more positive public stance.

Portable’s Influence

As a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, Portable’s actions and statements often attract widespread attention. His recent advocacy for the police could influence his fans’ perceptions and interactions with law enforcement, potentially fostering a more cooperative relationship between the public and the police.

Looking Forward

The future of Portable’s self-declared role as a “police ambassador” remains to be seen. His ability to maintain this new stance and its impact on his career and public image will be closely watched. As Portable continues to navigate the complexities of fame and legal issues, his latest move adds another layer to his multifaceted public persona.

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