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Cristiano Ronaldo admits he may not reach 1,000 goals: ‘It is a lot’



Cristiano Ronaldo admits he may not reach 1,000 goals: 'It is a lot'

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has opened up on the possibility of hitting 1,000 goals before hanging up his boots.


Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brace in a 3-2 win over Slovakia to help Portugal qualify for Euro 2024 and revealed after the game that he is feeling “good physically” and is “enjoying the moment.”


The 38-year-old continued his excellent form for club and country and opened up on his mind state in recent weeks


“I am enjoying the moment, which is good, I feel good, and my body is responding to what I have given it over the last few years. I am happy both in the national team and at club level. I’ve scored a lot of goals and I feel good physically,” Cristiano told reporters after the Portugal match.


Ronaldo on reaching 1000 goals

The Portugal captain who currently has 857 professional goals in his career, also revealed he has set himself a target to surpass 900 goals but admitted that 1,000 may be a step too far.


“It’s going to be pretty tough, but it’s about seeing how I am mentally, my motivation. If, physically, my legs treat me as well as I treat them? We’ll see, they are small stages.


“Until I get to 1,000, first I have to get to 900. I think I’ll get there, but 1,000 goals is a lot.”

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