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EFCC Chairman emphasises role of anti-corruption in growing Nigeria’s economy



EFCC Chairman emphasises role of anti-corruption in growing Nigeria's economy

The Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ola Olukoyede, has called on the commission’s officers to base their anti-corruption efforts on strategies and approaches that contribute to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.


In a statement released by Dele Oyewale, spokesperson for the EFCC, Olukoyede made these remarks during an address to officers of the Lagos Zonal Command in Lagos.


Olukoyede stressed the importance of redirecting the commission’s focus toward its original purpose in Nigeria, which is to drive economic development. He outlined the intention to shift attention towards initiatives that foster economic growth, wealth creation, and employment opportunities.


He emphasised the necessity to move away from the era of disrupting businesses through investigations. Instead, the EFCC would examine the rules that distinguish the proceeds of crimes from legitimate funds to enable businesses to flourish.


Additionally, Olukoyede pledged that the Commission would actively work to rebuild Nigeria’s image on the global stage, demonstrating the country’s commitment to rectify past shortcomings.


“We will drive this to tell the whole world that we are ready to get out of this mess. We will do our part and pressurize other stakeholders to do theirs,” he stated.


Olukoyede urged EFCC officers to uphold the core values of the organisation, including integrity, courage, professionalism, and collaboration in the execution of their duties. He emphasised that the fight against corruption should foster an environment of accountability and transparency in Nigeria.


He underscored the importance of professionalism in all endeavors and urged the EFCC’s image to reflect its core values.


Olukoyede also stressed the significance of asset declaration, declaring it compulsory for all staff. He noted that he had personally declared his assets and expected every staff member to do the same.

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