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Reps pledge swift passage of gender inclusion bills in 10th Assembly



Reps pledge swift passage of gender inclusion bills in 10th Assembly

In a recent interview during the 40th-anniversary celebration of NEWS Engineering Ltd in Abuja, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep Benjamin Kalu, made significant assurances to Nigerians regarding the expeditious consideration of bills centered around women and youth inclusion in the 10th Assembly.


Key points of this commitment include:


1. Reconsideration of Gender Bills: Rep Benjamin Kalu expressed optimism that the gender bills, which had been rejected by the 9th Assembly, would be revisited and given a fair evaluation in the 10th Assembly.


2. Executive Support: Rep Kalu also anticipated support from the Executive branch, as many of its members have their roots in parliament, making the collaborative effort towards gender inclusion more likely.


These gender inclusion bills encompass various vital aspects, including:


– Allocation of Specific Seats for Women in Federal and State Legislative Houses.

– Introduction of a 35% Affirmative Action for Women in Political Party Administration.

– Expansion of Citizenship by Registration to Extend Benefits to Foreign Spouses of Nigerian Women.

– Enhancement of State Indigeneship Rights for Women.

– Provision for Reserved Quotas for Women in Executive Cabinet Positions.


Rep Kalu emphasized the significance of empowering women, stating that their potential should not be underestimated. He praised the Managing Director of NEWS Engineering Ltd, Josephine Nweze, for her exceptional leadership in sustaining the company following her husband’s passing. He encouraged women to emulate her example by building their capacity and fulfilling the expectations when entrusted with opportunities.


Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, Minister of State for the FCT, lauded the pivotal role played by NEWS Engineering Ltd in shaping the nation’s media and engineering landscape. She highlighted the company’s commitment to excellence and its contribution to progress and development in various sectors within the FCT.


Olu of Warri Kingdom, Ogiame Atuwase III, acknowledged the inherent potential in women and commended Lady Nweze for her courageous efforts in continuing her late husband’s legacy and even surpassing it.


Josephine Nweze, in her remarks, reflected on the challenges NEWS Engineering Ltd had overcome in the past four decades. She expressed hope that their experience would inspire others and emphasized their commitment to harnessing technology, innovation, and excellence in building a sustainable legacy for the future.


NEWS Engineering Ltd looks ahead with the aim of exploring limitless opportunities and adapting to the evolving landscape of the industry, all while upholding their commitment to excellence and technological advancement.

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