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Public schools empty, banks closed in Osun as NLC, TUC members protest



Public schools empty, banks closed in Osun as NLC, TUC members protest

The nationwide strike declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has taken its toll in Osogbo, Osun State, with public school students sent home and banks opting to remain closed.


Observations by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) revealed a significant impact on public schools, where students were seen leaving various primary and secondary schools and heading home. At CAC Grammar School, Gbodofon, Osogbo, the school gate stood wide open, allowing students to exit, while teachers gathered under a tree for discussions.


In tandem with the strike’s influence, several banks in Osogbo chose not to open their doors to customers, with some displaying hesitation and a few engaging in business transactions. The state secretariat in Abere witnessed a notable decline in activity, as most offices appeared deserted, and only a limited number of workers were observed within the premises.


A confidential source from the secretariat acknowledged that the strike had yet to fully materialize, highlighting the absence of the usual barricades by members of the NLC and other unions. Security personnel were strategically stationed at the entrance of the secretariat and other key locations in Osogbo.


Modupeola Oyedele, the Osun State NLC Caretaker Chairperson, confirmed to NAN that the strike adheres to directives from the NLC and TUC headquarters. She emphasized that the primary instruction was for workers to abstain from work without engaging in street protests.


“We are not doing street protest with the strike. The instruction is for workers to abstain from work and we are complying.


Public schools have sent back their students in compliance with the strike.


Many send their students back this morning because the strike directive came late last night, so that is why students were turned back after getting to school.


We are ensuring that there is compliance as our officials are at the state secretariat to ensure workers do not resume in their offices,” Oyedele explained.


The strike directive, issued on Monday evening by the labour unions, was met with resistance from the government, which deemed it illegal.

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