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TCN dismisses rumors of impending national blackout, asserts grid integrity



TCN dismisses rumors of impending national blackout, asserts grid integrity

Addressing recent speculations and dispelling misinformation, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has affirmed the stability and functionality of the national grid, ensuring the continued supply of electricity to distribution load centres across the country.


In a statement released on Tuesday, Ndidi Mbah, the General Manager of Public Affairs at TCN, clarified that there were no official declarations from the company’s office regarding an imminent national blackout, dismissing such claims as mischievous and baseless.


Mbah emphasized that, at the time of the statement, the TCN National Control Centre in Osogbo, responsible for overseeing bulk power transmission nationwide, was fully operational.


“The statement is mischievous and baseless as TCN, through the Public Affairs Head, did not make such. We hereby note that the nation’s grid is intact and supplying bulk electricity to distribution load centers nationwide,” Mbah stated.


The TCN representative urged responsible reporting, emphasizing the need for accurate information to prevent unnecessary panic among the public. The announcement comes amidst concerns about the stability of the power grid, seeking to assure citizens that the national electricity supply remains robust and uninterrupted.

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