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Nollywood icon Amaechi Muonagor grapples with kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes



Nollywood icon Amaechi Muonagor grapples with kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes

In a heartbreaking revelation, beloved Nollywood veteran Amaechi Muonagor is currently confronting a trifecta of health challenges—kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes. The distressing news was shared by the actor’s cousin, Hon Tony Muonagor, who took to social media to shed light on the gravity of Amaechi’s health struggles, accompanied by a poignant image of the actor in a hospital bed.


The post served as an earnest call for public awareness and assistance. Hon Tony Muonagor begins by recounting a visit to Amaechi at the Nnewi Teaching Hospital, where the actor is undergoing intensive medical care. The post seeks to dispel any misinformation and aims to provide clarity to friends, fans, and the online community regarding the actor’s current condition.


In a candid disclosure, Tony reveals, “Amaechi is currently down with kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.” It is disclosed that Amaechi had been managing his diabetes over the years, leading a relatively normal life until the recent escalation of health issues. The actor is presently undergoing weekly dialysis and various treatments at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital in Nnewi.


Tony Muonagor underscores the financial strain on the actor’s family, which has been supporting Amaechi’s medical expenses for an extended period. The recent stroke has exacerbated the situation, making the battle against these ailments even more challenging and expensive.


“While he is somewhat stable now, he is on weekly dialysis, physiotherapy, amongst other treatments,” Tony explains, emphasizing the ongoing need for substantial financial support. He discloses that he has been personally contributing within the limits of his capabilities and reaching out to well-meaning individuals for donations.

The post further highlights the generosity of various groups and individuals who have rallied together to contribute funds for Amaechi’s mounting hospital bills. As of the latest update, there has been some improvement, with Amaechi’s blood sugar reportedly under control. However, he remains under hospital care, indicative of the ongoing battle against these complex health challenges.


To encourage further assistance, Tony Muonagor shares a link to a Twitter post featuring additional details and updates on Amaechi’s condition. The tweet also serves as a platform for individuals to contribute to the actor’s medical fund.


In a heartfelt plea, Tony urges the public to extend support to Amaechi Muonagor, emphasizing that the actor’s full treatments and recovery necessitate sustained funding or donations. The rallying cry for assistance underscores the unity and compassion that can emerge from the Nollywood community and beyond during times of adversity, as friends, fans, and well-wishers join forces to stand by Amaechi in his challenging health journey.

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