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President Tinubu unveils strategic leadership for NNPC with key aopointments



President Tinubu unveils strategic leadership for NNPC with key aopointments

In a significant move aligning with the provisions of the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021, President Bola Tinubu has announced the appointment of a dynamic Board and Management team for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), effective December 1, 2023. The carefully selected individuals are poised to steer the nation’s energy sector towards new horizons, reflecting the president’s commitment to a performance-driven and results-oriented administration under his Renewed Hope agenda.

New Leadership Unveiled: A Transformative Era for NNPC


President Tinubu, exercising the authority vested in him by Section 59 (2) of the Petroleum Industry Act, has appointed Chief Pius Akinyelure as the Non-Executive Board Chairman of NNPCL. Chief Akinyelure’s wealth of experience and strategic acumen positions him to provide insightful guidance to the company in these transformative times.


Taking the helm as the Group Chief Executive Officer is Mallam Mele Kolo Kyari, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the petroleum industry. Mallam Kyari’s leadership is expected to bring a fresh perspective and drive efficiency in the company’s operations.


The financial helm of NNPCL will be steered by Alhaji Umar Isa Ajiya, appointed as the Chief Financial Officer. With a background in finance and a commitment to fiscal responsibility, Alhaji Ajiya is well-equipped to navigate the financial landscape of the energy sector.

Diverse and Expert Non-Executive Directors


President Tinubu’s appointments also include a diverse array of Non-Executive Directors, each chosen for their expertise and experience:


– Mr. Ledum Mitee

– Mr. Musa Tumsa

– Mr. Ghali Muhammad

– Prof. Mustapha Aliyu

– Mr. David Ogbodo

– Ms. Eunice Thomas


This team of Non-Executive Directors brings a wealth of knowledge, ensuring a balanced and informed decision-making process for the NNPC.


Strategic Permanent Secretaries for Enhanced Collaboration


Recognizing the importance of collaboration between key ministries, President Tinubu has appointed two seasoned individuals as Permanent Secretaries:


– Mr. Okokon Ekanem Udo, who will serve as the Permanent Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Finance.

– Amb. Gabriel Aduda, appointed as the Permanent Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources.


These appointments underscore President Tinubu’s commitment to seamless inter-ministerial coordination for a more effective and streamlined approach to energy policy implementation.


Vision for the Future: Monetizing Today, Paving the Way for Tomorrow


President Tinubu envisions a comprehensive approach to energy policy that not only maximizes the utilization of current oil and gas resources but also strategically positions Nigeria for the future. The appointed team, under the leadership of Chief Pius Akinyelure and Mallam Mele Kolo Kyari, is entrusted with the task of implementing policies that embrace cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.


In a statement issued by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity, it is emphasized that President Tinubu anticipates full compliance with the performance-driven and results-oriented mandate of his administration. The renewed focus on energy policy aims to unlock the full potential of Nigeria’s energy sector, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.


As the newly appointed leaders take charge, the nation eagerly anticipates the unfolding of this transformative era for NNPC and the broader landscape of Nigeria’s energy industry. President Tinubu’s strategic appointments signal a commitment to ushering in an era of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the vital sector of energy that underpins the nation’s economic development.

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