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Ondo Government denounces ‘fake news’ on Akeredolu’s health assessment



Ondo Government denounces 'fake news' on Akeredolu's health assessment

In a sharp response to recent reports, the Ondo State Government has vehemently dismissed claims of a court order mandating the formation of a medical panel to assess Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s health. Labeling the information as “fake news,” the government asserts that it inaccurately represents the ongoing court proceedings surrounding the matter.


The clarification comes through a statement issued by the Ondo Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Charles Titiloye. According to Titiloye, the court had only granted leave for lawyers/applicants involved to apply for Mandamus and serve parties in the case. Crucially, the Ondo State Government had not been served with the court processes, denying them an opportunity to present their side of the matter.


“The sensational news smirks of grave political desperation,” Titiloye warned, expressing concern about the potential consequences of spreading misinformation that could incite civil unrest in the state. He urged those involved in disseminating false information to desist from such actions or face appropriate legal consequences.


Titiloye, in the official statement, underscored the commitment of the Attorney General to uphold the rule of law and prevent the state from descending into anarchy. He asserted, “The Attorney General of Ondo State, as the Chief Law officer, will not be cowed into submitting the state into anarchy or abdicating its responsibilities under glaring orchestrated blackmail by political desperados scheming to take over power through extra-legal means.”


Highlighting the unethical nature of engaging in a media war when a dispute is already before a court of competent jurisdiction, Titiloye stated, “This matter is subjudice, and the office of the Attorney General will not be dragged into the media trial of cases pending before the Court of competent jurisdiction.”


The dispute surrounding Governor Akeredolu’s health assessment takes a new dimension with the Ondo State Government’s forceful denial of the alleged court order. As the legal intricacies unfold, the government’s emphasis on adherence to due process and a caution against misinformation adds layers to a narrative already characterized by political tension and power struggles.


The coming days will likely see further developments in this legal saga, with implications not only for Governor Akeredolu’s personal circumstances but also for the broader political landscape in Ondo State. The public’s perception of the unfolding events, influenced by the government’s denial and warnings against misinformation, will play a crucial role in shaping the discourse surrounding this contentious issue.

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