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VP Shettima champions youth empowerment, promises government support for emerging Titans



VP Shettima champions youth empowerment, promises government support for emerging Titans

Vice President Kashim Shettima, championing the cause of youth empowerment, hailed young Nigerians as the “pillars of today” at the 5th Annual Under 30 CEOs Awards and Gala Night held at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja. Represented by Rukaiya El-Rufai, Special Adviser to the President on National Economic Council (NEC) and Climate Change at the Office of The Vice President, Shettima pledged unwavering government support for the entrepreneurial dreams of the nation’s youth.

The event, themed “A Flower for the Nigerian Youth,” provided a platform for the Vice President to address the aspirations and challenges faced by the country’s vibrant young population. Shettima underscored the vital role young people play in shaping Nigeria’s future, acknowledging their demographic significance and their rightful place at the decision-making table.

“We believe that none of you belongs to tomorrow, for we are a young nation by our demography, by our history, and by our pursuits,” declared Shettima, reflecting on Nigeria’s median age of 19 as a “demographic dividend” ripe for investment.

Emphasizing the importance of cultivating a robust human capital, the Vice President envisioned a future where young Nigerians ascend to corporate heights, build billion-dollar empires, and inspire generations of entrepreneurs. He recognized the challenges of managing a nation’s aspirations but stressed the need for an enabling environment.

“This is a phase in the life of this nation where the drive for change must meet our commitment to creating an enabling environment,” stated Shettima, pledging to make young people “ambassadors in a world coming to terms with the inevitability of the Nigerian as a pathfinder, a pace-setter, a trend-setter, and a champion.”

Highlighting the collaboration between generations and sectors, Shettima pledged to work with young entrepreneurs, seeing strategic governance as an investment in succession planning. He aligned the aspirations of young Nigerians with the vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, describing him as seeing “young Nigerians as harbingers of progress, the drivers of whatever reform we have set in place.”

The Vice President emphasized the need to create an ecosystem that fosters the growth of more successful entrepreneurs like Aliko Dangote among the youth. Despite economic challenges, Shettima expressed optimism, declaring, “Our vehicle to where we are headed isn’t just optimism; we are driven by our collective strategic thinking and commitment to putting it into practice.”

Pointing to the resilience of Nigeria’s business landscape, Shettima acknowledged 23 billion-dollar enterprises even amidst the pandemic. “Today, we take a step forward one more time to declare that we are here for business, literally,” he asserted.

In reassurance to young entrepreneurs, VP Shettima promised government support, stating, “We will be here to give you your flowers, we will always celebrate your ascent up the ladder, and I want you to see this government as your partner, as your ally.”

As the Vice President champions the cause of youth empowerment, the government’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to the growth of emerging entrepreneurs echoes a vision for a more vibrant and sustainable future for Nigeria’s youth.

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