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Asake ignites the night: Flytime Fest 2023 culminates in a Christmas spectacle of Afrobeat magic



Asake ignites the night: Flytime Fest 2023 culminates in a Christmas spectacle of Afrobeat magic

The vibrant beats of Afrobeat echoed through the pulsating heart of Lagos as Flytime Fest 2023 concluded with a dazzling performance by the sensational Asake. The artist, renowned for his infectious energy and genre-defying music, delivered a night of unforgettable melodies and high-octane dance moves that left the audience electrified.


The Grammy-nominated sensation, known as “Mr. Money with the vibe,” took the stage with an enthralling presence, captivating the diverse crowd with a musical journey that ranged from the rhythmic allure of “Amapiano” to the soul-stirring vibes of “Lonely at the Top.” Asake’s performance was a sonic rollercoaster, inviting the audience to lose themselves in the intoxicating groove of his chart-topping hits.


One of the standout moments of the night occurred when Asake joined forces with Afrobeats icon Davido to perform their collaborative hit, “No Competition.” The chemistry between these two giants of the genre was palpable, igniting an explosive energy that reverberated through the venue. The collaboration showcased not only the individual prowess of each artist but also their ability to create magic together on stage.


The venue, hosting a sold-out show, pulsated with the energy of an eclectic mix of fans, including notable personalities and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) from across the country. The synergy between Asake and the audience created an electric atmosphere, marking the Flytime Fest 2023 as a truly unforgettable musical experience.


Cecil Hammond, the CEO of Flytime Promotions, expressed his overwhelming gratitude as the festival reached its crescendo with Asake’s stellar performance. “As we wrap up Flytime Fest 2023 with this stellar performance by Asake, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the artists who poured their souls onto the stage, my amazing team who worked tirelessly, and to our incredible sponsors who continue to support us as we push boundaries in the entertainment space,” he declared.


The grand finale of the festival included the unveiling of a striking mural by renowned artist Osa Seven, paying tribute to the late singer Mohbad. The mural, strategically positioned within the festival grounds, served as a visual feast and a poignant homage to the impact Mohbad made on the music scene.


Keke Hammond, COO of Flytime Fest, expressed the festival’s excitement in showcasing Osa Seven’s impressive mural of Mohbad. “Osa has a unique ability to capture the spirit of the artist he portrays, and it is a stunning addition to our festival’s artistic element and the perfect way to pay homage to the late talented artist. It was beautiful seeing attendees write a tribute and interact with the artwork,” she remarked.


The mural not only added an artistic dimension to the festival but also provided a space for attendees to reflect on the legacy of Mohbad and express their admiration for the late artist. The interactive nature of the artwork allowed festival-goers to engage with the tribute in a heartfelt and personal way, creating a moving and immersive experience.


In conclusion, Flytime Fest 2023 concluded on a resounding note, with Asake’s magnetic performance leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees. The festival, characterized by its diverse lineup, energetic ambiance, and artistic elements, solidified its status as a premier musical event in Nigeria. As the curtain falls on this year’s festivities, the legacy of Flytime Fest continues to resonate, setting the stage for future editions that promise even greater musical spectacles and cultural celebrations.

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