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Combatting unemployment: Former CBN Director urges FG to generate jobs for youths in 2024



Combatting unemployment: Former CBN Director urges FG to generate jobs for youths in 2024

In a compelling call to action, former Director of the Research Department at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Titus Okunrounmu, underscores the imperative for the Federal Government to address the escalating issue of unemployment in 2024. In an exclusive conversation with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ota, Ogun, Okunrounmu highlighted the undeniable connection between unemployment and the surge in security challenges, emphasizing that both issues are intricately linked.


The seasoned economist succinctly expressed, “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop,” encapsulating the urgency for proactive measures to counteract the potential social fallout of widespread joblessness. According to Okunrounmu, the prevailing kidnappings, banditry, and conflicts between herdsmen and farmers are, in part, fueled by the alarming rise in unemployment across the nation.


He articulated the critical need for the Federal Government to prioritize job creation in the coming year, recognizing that a failure to do so could exacerbate the existing security crises. Okunrounmu called for decisive and strategic actions, urging the government to focus on fostering economic growth and embracing good governance as fundamental pillars in addressing these interconnected challenges.


The former CBN director emphasized that leveraging agriculture, with its vast expanse of fertile lands and modern equipment, presents a viable solution to engage the teeming youth population and deter them from resorting to social vices. In his perspective, the government’s commitment to promoting massive farming could serve as a proactive measure to mitigate the adverse effects of unemployment, creating opportunities for meaningful and gainful employment.


“In times of abundant rainfall and fertile lands, the country can respond to God’s grace by embracing agriculture as a cornerstone to alleviate some of the prevailing issues,” Okunrounmu asserted. He acknowledged the bountiful resources and the large population bestowed upon Nigeria, emphasizing that these assets should be harnessed to prevent its citizens from enduring unnecessary hardships.


In his impassioned appeal to the government, Okunrounmu urged a holistic approach, integrating agricultural development and job creation strategies to foster a resilient and economically empowered society. The former CBN director’s insights reflect a broader consensus that addressing the root causes of unemployment is not only an economic imperative but also a crucial step towards ensuring national security and social stability.


As Nigeria stands at the threshold of a new year, Okunrounmu’s call resonates as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of economic well-being and social harmony. The implementation of robust job creation initiatives, particularly in the agricultural sector, emerges as a transformative solution to steer the nation towards a path of prosperity, resilience, and inclusive growth. In embracing this vision, the Federal Government has the opportunity to not only combat unemployment but also fortify the fabric of the nation, fostering a future where every citizen has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the country’s progress.

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