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Burna Boy’s ‘City Boy’ strikes silver: Another UK certification adds to the Maestro’s dazzling accolades



Burna Boy's 'City Boy' strikes silver: Another UK certification adds to the Maestro's dazzling accolades

Grammy-Winning Burna Boy’s ‘City Boy’ achieves BPI Silver Certification in the UK


In a dazzling triumph for Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning maestro has added another feather to his cap with the BPI silver certification of his hit single ‘City Boy.’ Released as part of his seventh album ‘I Told Them’ in 2023, the song has surged to international commercial success, culminating in over 200,000 units in sales and a prestigious certification in the United Kingdom.

‘I Told Them’ Album success: ‘City Boy’ emerges as international sensation


The success story begins with Burna Boy’s seventh album, ‘I Told Them,‘ a musical journey that captivated global audiences. Within this masterpiece, the hit single ‘City Boy’ emerged as a standout track, riding the waves of international acclaim for its infectious melody, catchy writing, and the irresistible allure of its viral dance steps.


Chart-Topping triumph: ‘City Boy’ peaks at No. 14 on UK singles chart and claims No. 1 on UK Afrobeats chart


‘City Boy’ etched its mark on the UK music scene by securing an impressive position on the charts. The single peaked at No. 14 on the UK Singles Chart, a testament to Burna Boy’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences. Even more strikingly, ‘City Boy’ claimed the coveted No. 1 spot on the UK Afrobeats Chart, solidifying its influence in this dynamic genre.


BPI Silver Certification: A worthy addition to Burna Boy’s impressive collection


The recent BPI silver certification for ‘City Boy’ is not an isolated accolade but a noteworthy addition to Burna Boy’s already impressive collection of BPI certifications. The maestro boasts platinum plaques for hits like ‘Last Last’ and ‘YE,’ gold plaques for chart-toppers such as ‘On The Low’ and ‘For My Hand’ featuring Ed Sheeran, and silver plaques for acclaimed tracks like ‘Real Life’ featuring Stormzy, ‘Anybody,’ and ‘Gbona.’


Grammys await: ‘City Boy’ nominated for Best African Song Performance at 2024 Awards


The journey doesn’t end with certifications and chart triumphs. ‘City Boy’ is set to make waves at the upcoming 2024 Grammy Awards, where it will compete for the coveted title of Best African Song Performance. Burna Boy’s nomination adds a thrilling chapter to the narrative, elevating ‘City Boy’ to the global stage.


Musical alchemy: Production and sampling elevate ‘City Boy’ to commercial glory


Behind the sonic brilliance of ‘City Boy’ lies the masterful production by MD$ and Ruuben. The song’s ingenious sampling of Jeremih’s ‘Birthday Sex’ from February 2009 added an extra layer of appeal, contributing to its commercial success and widespread recognition.


Social media buzz: ‘City Boy’ dance moves and online frenzy


Beyond its musical prowess, ‘City Boy’ became a sensation on social media, with its infectious dance moves and catchy beats captivating audiences worldwide. The song’s online presence contributed significantly to its commercial triumph and solidified its status as a cultural phenomenon.


Burna Boy’s remarkable journey continues: What’s next for the Afro-Fusion Maestro?


As Burna Boy’s ‘City Boy’ basks in the glow of yet another achievement, the world anticipates what’s next for the Afro-Fusion maestro. With an impressive array of certifications, chart-topping singles, and a Grammy nomination, Burna Boy’s remarkable journey continues, leaving fans and music enthusiasts eager to witness the next chapter in his illustrious career.


City Boy’s Silver Lining: Burna Boy’s artistic brilliance illuminates the global music scene


‘City Boy’ not only adds another silver lining to Burna Boy’s illustrious career but also exemplifies the artistic brilliance that has propelled him to the forefront of the global music scene. As the song garners certifications, tops charts, and vies for a Grammy, it becomes a testament to Burna Boy’s ability to blend genres, transcend boundaries, and craft music that resonates universally. The narrative of ‘City Boy’ is not just a story of commercial success but a chapter in the ongoing saga of Burna Boy’s musical genius.

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