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NDLEA’s triumph: Conviction of 67 drug traffickers marks a milestone in Edo’s battle against illicit drugs



NDLEA's triumph: Conviction of 67 drug traffickers marks a milestone in Edo's battle against illicit drugs

Edo command boasts success in the war against drugs


In a significant victory against drug trafficking, the Edo Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) proudly announced the conviction of 67 drug traffickers in the state throughout the year 2023. The relentless efforts of the NDLEA in apprehending and prosecuting offenders have yielded tangible results, as highlighted by the Sector Commander, Buba Wakawa.


Legal triumph: 67 convictions, 106 cases pending


Sector Commander Buba Wakawa, addressing newsmen in Benin on Sunday, revealed that the convictions were the outcome of the arrest and prosecution of 173 suspects between January and December of the reviewed year. Out of this number, 67 were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment by state courts for their involvement in drug-related crimes.


Wakawa acknowledged the ongoing legal process, stating that 106 cases involving drug suspects were still pending at different stages in the courts. This reflects the NDLEA’s commitment to ensuring that those involved in drug trafficking face the consequences of their actions.


Outreach and rehabilitation: 414 drug-dependent persons rescued


In addition to their law enforcement efforts, the NDLEA’s drug reduction unit made strides in addressing the issue of drug dependency. Wakawa shared that during the year, 414 drug-dependent individuals were apprehended across the state. The agency not only arrested them but also provided counseling and successfully reunited them with their families.


A plea for collaboration: Communities urged to act


While celebrating the accomplishments, Wakawa appealed to the people of Edo State to support the NDLEA by providing useful information to aid in the fight against illicit drugs. Recognizing the importance of community involvement, he specifically called on communities across the state to cease providing land for drug substance cultivation.


The NDLEA commander emphasized the need for collective efforts to eradicate the menace of drug trafficking, urging citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to illicit drugs. The success in convictions serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the community in combating drug-related crimes.

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