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Edo NDLEA’s triumph: 67 traffickers convicted, 173 arrested in 2023 – A year of vigorous anti-drug operations



EDO NDLEA's triumph: 67 traffickers convicted, 173 arrested in 2023 - A year of vigorous anti-drug operations

NDLEA’s impactful year in Edo: A striking blow against drug trafficking


In a determined effort to combat drug trafficking and abuse, the Edo Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) reported significant achievements in 2023. The state’s Sector Commander, Buba Wakawa, revealed that the agency secured the conviction of 67 drug traffickers during the year, showcasing the effectiveness of their anti-drug operations.


The judicial triumphs: 67 traffickers convicted


The successful conviction of 67 drug traffickers marked a substantial victory for the NDLEA in Edo. Commander Buba Wakawa, speaking to newsmen in Benin on Sunday, outlined that these convictions resulted from the arrest and charging of 173 suspects between January and December of 2023. The courts in the state, after due legal processes, sentenced these traffickers to various terms of imprisonment, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to tackling drug-related crimes head-on.


Ongoing legal battles: 106 cases pending


While celebrating the convictions, Commander Wakawa acknowledged that the fight against drug trafficking is an ongoing battle. He disclosed that 106 cases involving drug suspects are still pending at different stages in the courts. This recognition emphasizes the complexity of the issue and the need for a sustained effort to bring all perpetrators to justice.


Focus on rehabilitation: 414 drug-dependent persons arrested


In addition to the legal actions taken against traffickers, the NDLEA in Edo prioritized rehabilitation efforts. Commander Wakawa revealed that the drug reduction unit arrested 414 drug-dependent persons across the state in 2023. These individuals were not merely treated as offenders but were arrested, counseled, and ultimately reunited with their families. The focus on rehabilitation reflects a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of drug abuse and addiction.


Community support crucial: A plea for information


Commander Wakawa appealed to the people of Edo to support the agency’s anti-drug initiatives. Acknowledging the vital role of community cooperation, he urged residents to provide useful information that would enable the NDLEA to succeed in its fight against illicit drugs. This appeal emphasizes the shared responsibility of both law enforcement and the community in eradicating the drug trade from the region.


Halting drug cultivation: A call to communities


In a bid to further curb the drug menace, the NDLEA boss issued a specific call to communities across Edo. He urged them to cease providing land for the cultivation of drug substances, recognizing that cutting off the supply chain is crucial to reducing the prevalence of drug-related crimes. This call serves as a preventative measure, addressing the issue at its roots and disrupting the production of illicit drugs.

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