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Nigeria and France forge stronger defence ties to combat terrorism, Defence Minister unveils collaborative efforts



Nigeria and France forge stronger defence ties to combat terrorism, Defence Minister unveils collaborative efforts

In a significant move aimed at tackling terrorism, banditry, and various criminal activities, the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar, announced today the Federal Government’s commitment to strengthening defence cooperation with France. The initiative, under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, marks a strategic alliance to enhance the country’s security landscape.


Addressing the media at Ship House, Abuja, the Minister highlighted the collaborative efforts during a meeting with Honourable members of the French Parliament and Defence Commission led by Gassilloud Thomas.


Expressing the need for a reinforced relationship between Nigeria and France, the Minister emphasized areas such as military equipment, training, and broader cooperation. He underscored the importance of leveraging the existing amicable ties between the two nations.


“Since my assumption of office as the Honourable Minister of Defence, we’ve had three engagements with France in military cooperation, showcasing the strong relationship we share,” stated Minister Abubakar. He asserted that France’s support in providing equipment to combat insecurity and insurgency aligns with Nigeria’s potential for economic stability given its substantial population and economic prowess.


Acknowledging the critical role of parliamentary collaboration, the Minister commended the French Parliament’s partnership with their Nigerian counterparts. He believed that such cooperation would significantly contribute to the ongoing efforts to address security challenges.


Mr. Gassilloud Thomas, heading the French Parliament delegation, lauded the Minister for his effective handling of security challenges within Nigeria. Thomas expressed the French Government’s commitment to supporting Nigeria in areas deemed vital for the fight against insecurity.


“The role you are playing to strengthen the relationship is highly appreciated, and we will continue to support this present government in order to curb insecurity,” stated Thomas. He emphasized the importance of Nigeria’s extraordinary potential and its pivotal role in regional security, recognizing the efficiency of the Nigerian military.


This collaborative effort signifies a renewed commitment to fortify Nigeria’s defence capabilities and underscores the shared responsibility of nations in combating global security threats.

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