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President Tinubu takes bold stand against kidnapping and banditry, unveils massive education plan for Nigerian Youth



President Tinubu takes bold stand against kidnapping and banditry, unveils massive education plan for Nigerian Youth

In a resolute response to the alarming surge in kidnappings and bandit attacks across the nation, President Bola Tinubu issued a strong condemnation during a meeting with a delegation from the Jam’iyyatu Ansaridden, a respected Islamic Movement. Addressing the delegation at the State House in Abuja on Tuesday, President Tinubu labeled the situation as “disturbing, ungodly, and sinister.”

During the high-level meeting, the President assured the nation that security agencies were swiftly responding to the ongoing crisis. Moreover, he announced a comprehensive plan to dedicate resources, policies, and initiatives towards the substantial education of Nigerian youths as a proactive measure against the challenges plaguing the nation.

President Tinubu underscored the transformative power of education in the fight against poverty, stating, “There is no weapon against poverty that is as potent as learning. I can assure you that we are here to change the life of our people. We are here to promote peace, stability, and economic prosperity.”

He further emphasized the importance of building lasting peace with a particular focus on the holistic education of Nigerian children. “We will get our teachers and their owners involved in an education process that will be relevant to the future of this country. It is important. Knowledge brought me here with your prayers and your support. Without knowledge, there is nothing to generate hope for mankind,” President Tinubu affirmed.

In a bid to accelerate development, especially in Northern Nigeria, the President stressed the need to promote updated knowledge through existing Islamic learning institutions. He called for special prayers and urged for proper education for the youth, declaring that “kidnapping and banditry are not the way of God. Shedding each other’s blood is bad. And there can be no development without peace. It is only in the area of peace that we can eliminate poverty. We must work for peace in order for our economy to grow better.”

The President’s commitment to peace-building and education resonated with Sheikh Muhammad Lamine Niass, the leader of Jam’iyyatu Ansaridden. In his remarks, Sheikh Niass encouraged President Tinubu to continue implementing his reform initiatives. The Islamic leader, known for promoting peace and tolerance, pledged continued prayers for Nigeria’s peaceful development.

Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, released the statement, providing insights into the President’s stance and the proposed education-focused strategy to combat the current challenges facing the nation. As the nation watches with bated breath, President Tinubu’s bold initiatives signal a determined effort to tackle the root causes of insecurity and build a prosperous, peaceful future for Nigeria.

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