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EFCC’s Unyielding Pursuit: Demands Grace Tiaga’s Death Certificate in P&ID Case, Trial Dynamics Unfold



EFCC's Unyielding Pursuit: Demands Grace Tiaga's Death Certificate in P&ID Case, Trial Dynamics Unfold

EFCC’s Unyielding Pursuit: Demands Grace Tiaga’s Death Certificate in P&ID Case, Trial Dynamics Unfold

In a legal saga that has gripped the nation, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) stands resolute in its demand for the presentation of the late Grace Tiaga’s death certificate in the ongoing P&ID case. Tiaga, a former director of legal services at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, faces charges alleging her involvement in manipulating the 20-year gas supply and processing agreement (GSPA) against Nigeria, with illicit payments from Process & Industrial Development (P&ID) continuing even after her retirement.

The accusations extend beyond financial impropriety, suggesting Tiaga’s failure to adhere to due process while providing legal counsel on the GSPA. Initially facing eight counts of fraud, Tiaga was remanded to Suleja prison in 2019, granted bail, and subsequently saw the charges expanded to 13 counts as the legal proceedings unfolded.

As the trial progressed, the prosecution meticulously presented eight witnesses, culminating in the conclusion of its case on February 27, 2023. Following this, the court summoned Tiaga to present her defense, setting the stage for a crucial phase in the legal battle.

A pivotal moment occurred on November 4, 2023, when Daniel Alumun, Tiaga’s legal representative, informed the court of her demise on August 1, 2023. Alumun submitted a “Hospital Death Declaration” from Primus International Super Speciality Hospital, Karu New Extension, Abuja. However, the EFCC counsel remained unwavering in their stance, insisting on the presentation of an official death certificate, in accordance with relevant laws.

Presiding Judge Olukayode Adeniyi, recognizing the significance of the matter, directed the production of the death certificate and adjourned the case until January 24, allowing time for the necessary documentation to be submitted.

During the recent court session on Wednesday, Tiaga’s legal team conveyed the unavailability of the death certificate, requesting additional time to obtain the crucial document. The prosecuting counsel, holding firm to their position, reiterated that the certificate must be presented before any decision can be made.

The court, acknowledging the complexity of the situation, granted an extension for the submission of the death certificate, marking another chapter in the unfolding dynamics of this high-profile case. As legal eagles spar over evidentiary requirements, the demand for a death certificate has become a focal point, emphasizing the meticulous nature of the legal proceedings and the adherence to established legal protocols.

This latest development raises questions about the challenges and intricacies involved in obtaining official documentation, even in the context of legal proceedings. The public awaits with bated breath as the courtroom drama continues, with the EFCC’s unyielding pursuit of justice setting the tone for a compelling legal battle ahead.

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