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Wike pledges swift completion of inner southern expressway, transformative landscape for FCT by December



Wike pledges swift completion of inner southern expressway, transformative landscape for FCT by December

Wike pledges swift completion of inner southern expressway, transformative landscape for FCT by December

In a bold commitment to advancing the infrastructure landscape of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the FCT, has vowed to complete the ambitious Inner Southern Expressway project by December this year. Wike made this assurance during an inspection of ongoing road projects within the FCT on Monday, emphasising the transformative impact of the project.

The Inner Southern Expressway project is a substantial endeavour, comprising a four-way 13.193-kilometer road with 10 lanes. Its expanse starts from the Southern Parkway, extending to Ring Road II (Galadimawa roundabout). Upon completion, the road is set to stretch from AYA to the Galadimawa roundabout, serving as a vital artery for improved transportation within the FCT.

Wike, acknowledging the project’s magnitude, expressed confidence that, with adequate funding, it would be completed by December, heralding a significant transformation in the FCT’s landscape. He affirmed, “You can see how huge the inner southern carriageway project is; it is an ambitious project. We are not afraid of tackling it. By the grace of God and with adequate funding, the project will be completed, and this will change the landscape of the FCT.”

The Minister commended the progress made by the contractors on the project and stressed the importance of delivering on the promise to enhance the lives of FCT residents. He underscored the significance of the support received from President Bola Tinubu, expressing determination to fulfill the aspirations of the community.

Wike also visited the construction site of the 15-kilometer Left-Hand Services Carriageway of the Outer Southern Expressway Stage II, extending from Ring I Junction to Wasa Junction. He articulated his optimism that the completion of both projects would alleviate the perennial traffic gridlock experienced along these crucial routes.

Shehu Ahmad, the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority, provided insights into the specifics of these projects. The Left-Hand Services Carriageway project, stretching from Apo roundabout to Wasa Junction, was awarded at the cost of ₦17.6 billion. Ahmad disclosed that ₦5.1 billion had been disbursed to the contractors, with the project currently at 57.8% completion. To complete the project, an additional ₦12.5 billion is required.

The Inner Southern Expressway, an extension from Southern Parkway to Ring Road II, was awarded at ₦91.8 billion. Ahmad reported ₦26.7 billion paid to the contractors, leaving outstanding liabilities of ₦14.1 billion. To finalise the project, an estimated ₦65.1 billion is needed. The scale of the Inner Southern Expressway, including four interchanges, eight bridges, 15 river bridges, five pedestrian bridges, and other ancillary facilities, has contributed to its complexity.

Fan Jin, the Deputy Director of CGC Nigeria Ltd, representing the contractors, attributed delays to the project’s intricate nature, including a significant number of bridges. Despite the initial project timeline extending to 2027, Jin assured the Minister of the possibility of swift completion with proper funding.

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